Opinion: Nikon Treats Mirrorless Like a Red-Headed Stepchild

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Things haven’t been going well for Nikon in the age of Mirrorless cameras, but there is still time for them to make an impact.

Let’s open this article up with a truth bomb: Nikon dropped the ball in a big way in regard to their first Mirrorless cameras. Out of the big three (Canon, Nikon, and Sony), Nikon is sitting in third place, and they have a lot of ground to make up before they begin to see second-placed Canon in their sights. While their z6 and z7 cameras have been improved via updates since their launch states, the lack of news surrounding new cameras and pro-grade lenses has rocked their faithful to the core. So, let’s talk about what Nikon needs to do in 2020 and beyond to get their fans to stop looking longingly at offerings from other manufacturers.

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DXOMark: How The Nikon Z 24-70mm f2.8 S Fares Against The Rest

The Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8 S scored well in DXOMark’s tests.

Nikon are slowly building up the lens collection for their Z series of cameras, but with so few on the market they need to make sure that each and every release hits it out of the ballpark, especially when there is a back catalog of lenses that can easily be adapted to the Z6 and the Z7. Recently, the guys and gals over at DXOMark put the new Nikon Z 24-70mm f2.8 S lens through their battery of tests, and it scored well, but can it compete with other lenses in its class? Join us after the break to find out. Continue reading…

DXOMark: Nikon Z6 Slightly Worse Than the Sony a7 III

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The guys and gals at DXOMark have stumbled out of bed to start sensor testing once again.

DXOMark are back at it with serious camera testing and they have started off with a bang. The Nikon Z6 is the first camera that has been tested by these guys for a long time (with their recent moves to really focus on phones), and apparently it will be the first of many as we go forward through 2019. The Z6 is of course one of Nikon’s first Mirrorless cameras, and while it and its bigger brother the Z7 have had a somewhat rocky start to life, things seem be improving thanks to the promise of regular firmware updates. But how does the Z6 sensor perform in DXOMark’s tests? Join us after the break to find out. Continue reading…

Review: Nikon Z6 (The Better of Nikon’s Two Initial Mirrorless Cameras)

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The Nikon Z6 is a fairly competent entry-level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, but we were definitely hoping for more.

When Nikon first announced the Z6, we were certainly hoping for a camera system that would blow us away. Instead, what we got was a camera system that felt half-baked at best. Coming into the mirrorless marketplace five years later than the competition, you would expect Nikon to avoid pitfalls that have plagued competing camera manufacturers, but the reality is they seem to be making a lot of the same mistakes. Nikon got quite a bit right with the Z6, and it is certainly a decent enough entry-level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, but wow us it most definitely did not.

Editor’s note: This review is going by an experimental new standard that we’ve outlined. Each section receives its own rating and in this case, the Nikon Z6 can earn a maximum of 25 stars with each section having a maximum 5 star rating.

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First Impressions: Nikon Z6 (A More Affordable, Lower Resolution Z7)

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Nikon’s Z6 is an excellent entry level, Mirrorless famera for photographers who aren’t megapixel conscious.

When Nikon first announced they were finally entering the Full Frame, Interchangeable Lens, Mirrorless camera market with the Z6 and Z7 back in August of this year, only the 45.7MP Z7 was initially available. From a business standpoint, it certainly made sense that Nikon would want to release the top-end Z7 first as demand for the brand new camera system would surely skyrocket, especially since Nikon was playing catch up when it comes to Mirrorless. Fast forward to today, three months after initial announcement; the Z6 is finally available. With a more modest resolution of 24.5MP and a lower autofocus point count of 273, but boasting faster frame rates (12 FPS in the Z6 vs nine FPS  in the Z7) and double the ISO sensitivity (a maximum of 51,200, expandable to 204,800 in the Z6 vs a maximum of 25,600, expandable to 102,400 in the Z7). Pricing for the Nikon Z6 is also much more reasonable, coming in at only US $1995.95 compared to the Z7’s US $3,399.95. Nikon recently invited us down to Florida to test the brand new Nikon Z6 in a variety of different conditions, and our experiences so far have been fairly positive. Despite having a lower resolution and autofocus points, the Z6 may actually be the Mirrorless camera that will suit the needs of more photographers when compared to the Z7, especially if you’ve already got a good selection of F mount lenses and are looking to stay with Nikon while moving into the Mirrorless world.

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Cheap Photo: Save $100 When You Buy the Nikon Z6 and Z7 FTZ Lens Adapter Bundles

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If you’re thinking about buying a new Nikon Mirrorless camera, this deal is for you.

The Nikon Z7 and the Nikon Z6 are making waves in the Mirrorless camera world, and with the Z6 about to hit the shelves on November 16th, Nikon has put together some bundles that will make the switch easier for you and for your wallet. With this deal you can save $100 on the FTZ mount adapter when you buy the Nikon Z6 or Z7.

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The Best Small Nikon Prime Lenses to Adapt to the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

The new Nikon Z6 and Z7 look great, and they sound like they will pack a punch, however native Z mount lens options for early adopters will be slim. Fortunately Nikon announced the F to Z mount adapter which will enable you to adapt their current prime lens collection.

Late last week Nikon announced their long awaited new mirrorless camera bodies, the Z6 and the Z7. The new Nikon Z6 and Z7 both look great, and they sound like they will pack a punch, however the native Z mount lens options for early adopters will be slim. Fortunately Nikon announced the F to Z mount adapter which will enable you to adapt their current lens collection. There is no doubt that Nikon currently has some great, small primes that will pair with the smaller footprints of the Z6 and the Z7 really well, so here is a look at the best small Nikon prime lenses to adapt for the Z6 and Z7.

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