DXOMark: Nikon Z6 Slightly Worse Than the Sony a7 III

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The guys and gals at DXOMark have stumbled out of bed to start sensor testing once again.

DXOMark are back at it with serious camera testing and they have started off with a bang. The Nikon Z6 is the first camera that has been tested by these guys for a long time (with their recent moves to really focus on phones), and apparently it will be the first of many as we go forward through 2019. The Z6 is of course one of Nikon’s first Mirrorless cameras, and while it and its bigger brother the Z7 have had a somewhat rocky start to life, things seem be improving thanks to the promise of regular firmware updates. But how does the Z6 sensor perform in DXOMark’s tests? Join us after the break to find out.

We tested the Nikon Z6 back in January and were impressed with the camera’s overall performance. The Nikon Z6’s image quality blew us away, and we were impressed with how well the camera handled ISOs up to 6400. In all, the Nikon Z6 is a great, entry level, Full Frame, Mirrorless camera, and DXOMarks’s sensor review agrees with what we found during testing.


The Nikon Z6 scored an impressive 95 on the tests run by DXOMark. Overall, it sits 6th behind the likes of the Nikon D850, the Sony A7 III, and the Pentax K1. The main reason for it lagging behind its older competitors is the fact that the other cameras have lower base ISOs. The Nikon Z6’s sensor is lauded as being an outstanding low light performer too, which matches up with what we found out while testing the camera in real world scenarios.

The Z6 also scores really well on the tests that DXOMark performs for dynamic range and color reproduction as well. At base ISO’s the Z6 has a wide dynamic range, and it holds together incredibly well as you push through mid range ISO levels. Interestingly though, the sensor only slightly outperforms Nikon’s own D750 (by 0.7 EV), which came out back in 2014! In terms of comparing the camera with it’s more modern rivals, the Nikon Z6 performs similarly to Sony’s A7 III, but it does fall behind in a few small areas.

So there you have it. If you’re in the market for a Mirrorless camera and want something that performs just slightly better than a sensor from 2014, the Nikon Z6 might just be the camera for you. Overall, the Nikon Z6 lends itself really well to a variety of genres and should you opt for the Z6 we’re sure you will be mighty happy with your purchase. You can check out the full sensor review over on the DXOMark website. Be on the lookout for DXOMark sensor tests as we head through 2019. DXOMark has said that there will be plenty more coming soon.

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