SILINA’s Sensor Curving Technology Hopes to Speed up Industry Usage

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“SILINA does not reinvent the wheel of sensor design and manufacturing”, states SILINA’S CTO Wilfred Jahn, “but is developing technological solutions to curve existing (flat) imaging sensors.” A PhD holder in Electro-optical System Design, Wilfred forms one half of SILINA’s co-founding team with CEO Michael Bailly. Seeing a potential increase in demand among technological sectors, the duo formed SILINA in 2020 with a vision to reform the existing sensor ‘curving process’.

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Canon EOS R3: Horrible News if This Happens

This would be a huge risk for the Canon EOS R3.

Canon has long been one of the few camera brands that produce their own sensors. Their latest creations have really pushed them back to the front of the pack. The EOS R5 and EOS R6 have proven Canon still makes great sensors. Canon fans are excited at the announcement that the Canon EOS R3 is coming. It’s going to be a first of its kind if they beat Nikon’s Z9 to market. A Full-Frame Mirrorless flagship of sorts. It will feature an integrated grip and mind-blowing specs. However, there’s a potential problem being theorized about this camera. It may not feature a Canon-made sensor. Read on below for more.

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Shows You How Dumb Megapixel Wars Are

The Megapixel wars aren’t doing anyone any favors.

The Megapixel wars that started back in the early 2000s with the rise of digital cameras are still raging today. While many photographers clamor for more megapixels (because more is better, right?), others realize they aren’t everything. Some of those folks include the brains at NASA and CNES (the French space agency). The Perseverance rover that touched down on the red planet last month has already beamed back stunning, detail-filled images that have captivated the world. What might surprise you, though, is that the rover’s camera has a Megapixel count in the single digits. Find out more about the rover’s camera after the break.

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Do You Really Pay Attention to Image Quality Anymore?

One could argue that the image quality from any camera from the past decade will always be more than good enough.

Just how much attention do you pay to the sample images from new cameras that are posted during reviews on blogs and in YouTube videos? A big part of any camera review will always be the sample images, but a recent post from a Redditor has us wondering if we have reached a point where sensors and image quality are a moot point. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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A Quick Look at DXOMark’s Top 10 Performing Sensors For July 2019


It has been a quiet month over at DXOMark, but it’s still worth checking out the top sensor league table before you drop your cash on a new camera.

While it may have been a quiet month in the labs at DXOMark, the camera world has been rocked by new announcements that will surely shake up the DXOMark top-performing sensor league table here very soon. A quick look at the current league table shows that Sony has three cameras in the top ten already, and one can only imagine that the new a7r IV (once reviewed) will likely jump in and will make a mess of the current DXOMark standings; until that time though, lets take a look at the top ten performing sensors according to DXOMark for July 2019. Continue reading…

DXOMark: The Top 10 Camera Sensors Change Yet Again for June 2019

The top 10 performing camera sensors list at DXOMark is taking shape.

It’s that time of the month again where we take a quick look at the top 10 performing camera sensors according to the guys and gals over at DXOMark. For the second month in a row, there is a newcomer to the top 10 list, and we’re sure as DXOMark continues to put newer cameras through their assault course, there will be more camera sensors shaking things up in the coming months. May saw the arrival of the Panasonic S1R which scored a massive 100 points overall, but which cameras sensor join the elite grouping this month? Join us after the break to find out.

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The 10 Best Performing Camera Sensors Per DXOMark (May 2019)

panasonic s1r

There’s a newcomer in this months DXOMark top 10 camera sensor list!

Things are starting to move and shake over at DXOMark. A new camera has bullied its way into the top 10 performing camera sensor league table, and the new camera has left seven other cameras in its wake as it shot up the charts to third place. The Panasonic S1R scored a whopping 100 overall in the tests that DXOMark perform, and they said in some cases it performed better than the two Medium Format cameras that sit above it in the league table. Join us after the break to see the new standings. Continue reading…

The 10 Best Camera Sensors According to DXOMark For April 2019

DXOMark Continue to test the newest camera sensors on the market.

The guys and gals over at DXOMark have been hard at work testing out some of the newest cameras to hit the market, but have any of them been able to break into the DXOMark top 10 camera sensor spots? Join us after the break as we take a look at what DXOMark consider to be the best camera sensors on the market. There are of course so many more things to take into consideration than just the DXOMark sensor ratings when buying a new camera. Things like ergonomics, ease of use, and the lens selections that are available for the cameras should all be taken into consideration before making a buying decisions, and that’s where our real world reviews come in to play. However, if you want to check every angle possible before dropping your cash on the table at your local camera store, the lab tests that DXOMark run on the sensors might help you make your mind up. Check out the 10 best camera sensors according to DXOMark below.

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DXOMark: Nikon Z6 Slightly Worse Than the Sony a7 III

Camera Deals

The guys and gals at DXOMark have stumbled out of bed to start sensor testing once again.

DXOMark are back at it with serious camera testing and they have started off with a bang. The Nikon Z6 is the first camera that has been tested by these guys for a long time (with their recent moves to really focus on phones), and apparently it will be the first of many as we go forward through 2019. The Z6 is of course one of Nikon’s first Mirrorless cameras, and while it and its bigger brother the Z7 have had a somewhat rocky start to life, things seem be improving thanks to the promise of regular firmware updates. But how does the Z6 sensor perform in DXOMark’s tests? Join us after the break to find out. Continue reading…

Maybe It’s Time for Samsung to Return to Making Camera Sensors

It sure would be good for consumers if Samsung started producing camera sensors for Mirrorless and/or DSLRs again.

Over the last few years Sony have emerged as the the world’s leader when it comes to camera sensor manufacturing and supplying. The Japanese powerhouse develops and keeps the very best sensors for use in their own cameras of course, but they also supply sensors to most other camera manufacturers too, with the likes of Nikon, Canon’s point and shoots, Fujifilm, etc relying heavily on their technology. There is one company though that could take the crown from the current sensor kings, and that company is Samsung.  Continue reading…

A Monster 72MP Full Frame Camera Sensor Might Be in Sony’s Pipeline

Stories about potentially new Sony camera sensors have been in the news a lot lately. 

It seems to have been a busy few months for Sony in regards to rumored new camera sensors. First we heard about a potential sensor that could be a 60 Megapixel beast capable of 8K and 16-bit RAW. Now the world is being told about another potential new shutter that could be a 72 Megapixel monster featuring a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter. Read on past the break to find out more about this reported piece of silicon. Continue reading…

Could The New Fujifilm and Panasonic Organic Sensors Replace X Trans?

These new organic camera sensors offer an exciting glimpse at what could eventually come to Fujifilm and Panasonic consumer cameras.

The world of technology is moving along at a blistering pace which means we get more and more advanced cameras hitting the streets all the time. Fujifilm and Panasonic teamed up a few years ago to create a completely new type of organic sensor so that they could not only make advancements in technology, but so that they could try to steal some market share back from Sony who supply most of the world’s camera sensors. This new co-developed sensor will be capable of 8K at 60 frames per second, and will have a few more tricks up its sleeve. But just imagine what could be possible if in some way it were combined with X Trans. Continue reading…

Sony’s New Exmor RS Smartphone Image Sensor Packs 192 Phase Detect AF Points

Sony-Exmor-R exploded view

It looks like phase detection autofocus will be the new hot trick of smartphone cameras. First the iPhone 6 included phase detect AF and now Sony has announced a new stacked Exmor RS IMX230 CMOS image sensor for smartphones with an onboard image plane phase detection AF signal processing function.

Sony claims the 21MP sensor could use up to 192 AF points to achieve excellent focus tracking of fast-moving subjects. The IMX230 sensor itself is a 1/2.4 stacked CMOS image sensor, which also utilizes back-illuminated pixels. On top of taking high-resolution pictures, the sensor records 4K video in high-dynamic range as well as some more pedestrian 1080p video at 60fps.

Sony has announced it will release the its stacked CMOS image sensor in April 2015. There’s no word as to what will be the first device to utilize this new sensor. However, we’ll hazard a guess that the sensor will be first implemented into a future Xperia Z4 or another Android smartphone. Check past the break to see a few results from Sony’s new Exmor RS IMX230 sensor.

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