Tamara Hijazi Finds Photographs to Be Time Capsules of Memories

“Photograph me as I am, or don’t look at me at all,” says Arab American photographer Tamara Hijazi, defining how she captures and likes to be captured in photos. At a very young age, migration to the Middle East kickstarted her love for photography. She tells us why photos help preserve fond moments we look back on later and how the pandemic rekindled her connection with cameras.

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Rania Matar Finds Inspiration in the Amazing Women She Photographs

“It is a process and I take the collaboration part very seriously,” says Lebanese-American photographer Rania Matar about her photo sessions with women. Focusing on their inner strengths and personal emotions, she often finds a bit of herself in each subject she photographs. Many of her past experiences and learnings find their way into her photos as she seeks to break stereotypes with her portrait photography.

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DO IT. Ditch Digital.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on photographer Gina Manning’s blog. It is being syndicated here with permission.


I’ve got the film bug! BAD. About two months ago I had a friend show me an old film camera she got from her father and proceeded to let me play with it. Big mistake — I became infatuated with the idea of owning my own dinosaur. I now have 5 and I regret nothing, I tell ya! Shooting film is such a glorious and unique form of art. If you haven’t already; here’s why I did and why you should ditch digital for a while, too.

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