8 Game-Changing Photography Accessories That Deserve a Closer Look

We all love new cameras and lenses, but quality photography accessories are just as important.

We spend a lot of time thinking about which cameras and lenses we should buy. You could even say we fetishize about them, but for some reason we never seem to do the same for photography accessories. Photography accessories such as filters and even computer accessories can make our lives as photographers so much easier. They help us get the images we want in-camera, or they make it easier for us to get the result we want during post. After the break, we will share some photography accessories that are not only game-changing, they’re also super affordable.

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One of Western Digital’s New SanDisk Cards Can Hold 1TB of Photos

Western Digital recently unveiled the latest additions to its consumer storage products, including the world’s fastest UHS-I SD card, and a refreshed sleek design for the My Passport line of portable drives.

The IFA 2019 saw Western Digital showcase its newest consumer storage products aimed at gamers, photographers, and consumers with growing data storage needs. The new offerings include the latest additions to the SanDisk brand of memory cards, as well as updates to the award-winning My Passport portable drives. If you’re looking to upgrade your storage solutions, these new offerings are among your options.

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Smart Photo Manager ibi Lets You Share Photos by Invitation Only

Meet ibi, the Smart Photo Manager that lets you save photos of those precious memories in one place and easily share them only with your inner circle.

If you’ve ever been needed to share photos of your private events, trips, and slices of life only to your private network and favorite people, we may have found a great solution for you. And no, it’s not another social media platform (which is good, because we all know how crowded and cluttered that can get). Say hello to ibi, the smart photo manager by Western Digital, designed to bring your photos, videos, and favorite people together.

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Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD (1TB)

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Series of external drives have long been a favorite for traveling photographers

Western Digital, or WD as you may know the company, has been pushing the envelope in terms of external storage solutions for several years now. It started with their original My Passport Wireless (read our review) and has gone through a couple of iterations since then, now culminating with their latest offering for the traveling content creator – the My Passport Wireless SSD. What they are positioning to be is the perfect external drive of the traveling content creator; be that photographer, videographer, whatever.

We have had our hands on the drive since it was announced at CES in January, and today we are here with our full review. Over the course of this review, we have traveled by plane, by car and used the My Passport Wireless SSD as it is intended to be used. We have had our hands on the 1TB model, but there are also 2TB models, as well as 250GB and 500GB models. Continue reading…

SanDisk’s New Industrial and Automotive SD Cards Can Work at -40° C

These new SD cards from SanDisk can operate at extreme temperatures such as -40° C

Western Digital has announced two new lines of [amazon_textlink asin=’B01J5RHD58′ text=’SanDisk’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b0c239a6-ad10-11e7-8092-398eea37356e’] (WD bought Sandisk last year) SD cards aimed at unique applications and surviving extreme conditions. In terms of what will appeal to photographers, or be used by photographers the most, the new Automotive line could be something that you professionals could consider. Continue reading…

Western Digital’s New Pro Series Drives Sync to Adobe CC


Today, it seems like photographers are getting all they want and need from Western Digital–at least if they’re really needing wireless transmission. The company is introducing the new WD Pro Series: which includes the My Passport Wireless Pro Wi-Fi mobile storage and My Cloud Pro Series network attached storage (NAS).

Western Digital claims that this was designed specifically with the creative community in mind and lets you transfer content between devices. This is all done through the My Cloud mobile app which gets a cool new boost by being compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud services.

Important details from the press release are after the jump.

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Survey: Concert Attendees Basically Take Too Many Photos

Western Digital recently finished a really interesting study about the way that people take pictures at concerts and festivals. Most people opt for smartphones (which isn’t surprising), and they often end up running out of storage. On top of that, they hate deleting images on their phone because it’s like deleting a memory. They want everything recorded.

Sad in some ways because it means that you can be spending so much time trying to document the moment vs experiencing it…yes, I know. But it gets even more interesting when you consider how much they actually really value these photos.

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Photographers Are in the Midst of the Biggest Storage Problem Ever

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Western Digital My Passport Wireless review images (2 of 7)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 6.3

Mylio. Dropbox. Google Photos. EyeFi Cloud. Adobe Cloud. If you’re a more modern photographer, then all of these sound familiar to you. But if you also take a look in your desk drawers you’ll find solutions from Western Digital, LaCie, etc. For the most part they’ll work, but what about years from now when those hard drives start to fail? And what about years from now if these photo services fail?

What photographers used to do is take their negatives in for development, then print them and then someone in the family was responsible for archiving the family history in album after album. The hardcover photo album is still a wonderful relic of the past, but its simple nature is very archaic and not fast enough for today’s world. Seriously, who has time to sit there and put photos into an album?

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The Phoblographer’s Roundup of The Best Photography Accessories for 2014

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Great State Classic Skinny strap review images (3 of 8)ISO 1001-100 sec at f - 2.0

We’ve gone through our archive to find some of our favorite accessories for photographers that have come out in 2014. It’s taken us across a journey that appeals to the enthusiast, the mobile photographer, the street photographer, and the person with a discerning taste. This year, we saw a huge emphasis on items being handmade and those also finding a way to be very functional.

So if you’re looking for a great holiday gift, check out our roundup of the best photography accessories that we found this year.

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Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless 1TB

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Western Digital My Passport Wireless review images (1 of 7)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 6.3

Every photographer would love their own personal storage cloud. And in a way, Western Digital is giving that to photographers. The latest entry to their My Passport line is the My Passport Wireless, which is a step below their My Cloud drives. The advantage of the Cloud option is that you can access your images from anywhere as long as the drive is on. But with the My Passport Wireless drive, photographers get a different experience.

Hypothetical situation: you’re with a client, showing them some examples of work that you’ve done for engagement shoots. But they want to see more and you only have around two loaded onto your iPad. Simply boot up your Western Digital My Passport and access any of them that you’d like.

For photographers, security is important–and having your own hybrid of a server, cloud, and hard drive in one is more or less a godsend.

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Safeguarding Your Travel Photographs


Of all the things that could ruin a vacation, there is nothing worse for a photographer than losing images. Though getting pick-pocketed or being rained out can certainly put a damper on time away from home, there is nothing more devastating than realizing that you’ve lost days’ if not weeks’ worth of images. Credit cards can be replaced and you can still enjoy a rainy day, but the loss of images can feel like a sucker punch that’s hard to recover from.

I’ve experience just such a loss in the past and so I adhere to the following practices to ensure that I return home with all the images that I captured during my time away.

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Review: WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

Western Digital, WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage, Hard Drives, Cloud Storage, Software, Accessories, NAS, Network-Attached Storage

In an age when photos are transferred every which way, wires can make moving images around a real pain between our PC to a Mac to an iPhone to an Android tablet to—you get the idea. Cloud storage has been a great solution, but for the old hard drive diehards and privacy conscious, storing one’s files on a device they have nearby can add that extra peace of mind that let’s photographers sleep easily at night.

Western Digital’s My Cloud Drives are that happy medium. Serving up local cloud storage drive, it blends the ability of having a drive you can access out of the office with all the safety of knowing it’s on top of your desk and not some Amazon S3 server in Dallas.

Can the WD My Cloud really offer the best of both physical and cloud storage worlds? Read on to find out in our review.

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Western Digital Announces New My Cloud Drive


Western Digital is announcing a new hard drive that they’re pitching at photographers and the road warriors. Their new USB 3.0 My Cloud drive plugs directly into your router and home and uses an interface with both iOS and Android (as well as your computer) to give you access to your files in the same way that a home server pretty much can. This personal cloud is being aimed at photographers who want to access their files anywhere in the world as long as they have a WiFi signal. Additionally, since it is on your own drive, it isn’t necessarily out there on Dropbox or another apps.

The new My Cloud drive is both PC and Mac compatible, and can be accessed from your tablet or phone using WD’s app using the company’s software that auto-detects the drive. The weird thing is that it needs to stay connected to your router in order to have this functionality–but in a way that kind of makes sense. Even better is the fact that it works with DLNA compliant devices, so you can stream your content from the drive to your television for example.

My Cloud is available in 2 TB, 3 TB, and 4 TB capacities and The 4 TB My Cloud is expected to be available in November. MSRP is $149.99 USD for 2 TB, $179.99 USD for 3 TB and $249.99 USD for 4 TB.

More photos of the drive are after the jump. We’ll be calling in a review sample soon.

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Western Digital’s Latest My Passport Ultra Features Backup Software With DropBox Integration


Western Digital’s My Passport line have always been popular with amateur photographers. But today they’re announcing the My Passport Ultra, which feature USB 3.0 integration, WD Smartware Pro backup software with Dropbox, and the standard hardware encryption. Dropbox integration is extremely interesting since many phones and mobile devices these days have Dropbox installed, so it means that there is a greater spread of your files across the cloud. For the person wanting to show off their portfolio later on, this feature will make things much easier if they carefully curate a folder after automatic uploading.

My Passport Ultra 500 GB MSRPs at $99.99 USD, and the My Passport Ultra 1 TB is $129.99. There is a 2 TB option, but no word on pricing yet for that unit. They’re available now at the Western Digital Store.

Western Digital Announces Two New Hard Drives That Make Photographers Happy

Western Digital, well-known creator of computer hard drives such as the Caviar and Raptor series, has just announced two new external HDDs that have been designed with photographers and videographers in mind, offering highest-possible data rates as well as high storage capacity and data security. Also be sure to check out our recent review of the Thunderbolt Duo.


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Review: Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo 6 TB


In the world of hard drives and data rates, every few years or so a new standard of fast comes out. When I started out with with Macs and had a grasp on what external drives were, Firewire was a very expensive option for your Mac computer. But anyone who was working in media, or graphics/video were using Firewire drives. You can thank Apple for pushing this interface that never quite caught on with the mainstream PC market. It’s been the standard for a while–hard drives, audio I/O devices, even a generation of the iPod used Firewire-400!

Now, Apple teams up with Intel to make Light Peak. We all know it today as Thunderbolt. Apple/Intel’s new interface for use for high-speed data access when you need it. That’s where the opportunity for  new high-speed drives comes into play.

Western Digital let me have a go with it’s My Book Thunderbolt Drive. I’ve had some time to make some video work with it, run renders as well as transfer files on this drive. Fast is the word that comes to mind. More below.


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