Smart Photo Manager ibi Lets You Share Photos by Invitation Only

Meet ibi, the Smart Photo Manager that lets you save photos of those precious memories in one place and easily share them only with your inner circle.

If you’ve ever been needed to share photos of your private events, trips, and slices of life only to your private network and favorite people, we may have found a great solution for you. And no, it’s not another social media platform (which is good, because we all know how crowded and cluttered that can get). Say hello to ibi, the smart photo manager by Western Digital, designed to bring your photos, videos, and favorite people together.

ibi lets you automatically sync and save all your favorite photos and videos from your devices and cloud storage accounts in one place, so you can easily organize and find the ones you want to share using the intuitive app. This eliminates the problem of not knowing whether you saved it on your phone, social media, computer, or cloud service. Once you’re ready, you can privately share individual photos or entire albums with your inner circle and even professional network (if you want to use it for proofing photos for your clients). Viewing is by invitation only, so you can ensure the right people are seeing the stuff that matters.

Do you often run out of storage space on your phone or even your free cloud storage and have to delete hings to make room for new things? With the massive 2 TB space, you can store around 500,000 photos or 200+ hours of videos. Another advantage of ibi over cloud services is that you’re sure your photos and videos are safe with you, not in a remote corporate server. You also won’t have to worry about recurring fees, high hidden costs, and limitations on image quality.

ibi sells for a regular price of $179.99, but it’s currently at $30 off until June 15th plus free two-day shipping. So if you’re in need, visit to learn more and get it now.


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