Sofia Macarena Prado’s Travel Photos Attempt to Retrace Old Persia

Iran Travel Diary by Sofia Macarena Prado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If Iran isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, we’ve found a travel series that should inspire you to include it. Not only is it home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but also a rich cultural legacy. A testament to this is the beautiful Iran travel diary of Buenos Aires-based photographer and art director Sofia Macarena Prado. There, she takes us around the most stunning sights, highlights some of its vibrant colors and textures, introduces us to the locals, and provides glimpses of their daily life.

Photographers who have the tendency to easily catch the travel bug will definitely be filled with a sense of adventure looking at this set. Prado made sure to shoot a good mix of scenes to show just what awaits us when we retrace Old Persia: sprawling desert landscapes, mosques in their glorious colors and textures, beautiful locals, market scenes, and street scenes. Sure, the country also has its own slice of modern city life, but it’s fascinating to see the cultural and traditional side of every destination, especially with a history as rich as Iran’s.

Each segment of the series bring us something interesting, but the street portraits are certainly the highlight of Prado’s travel diary. Through them, we meet some of the beautiful and intriguing locals, and are able to learn a little about them — many have this piercing gaze from their striking eyes.

But then, there’s also the magical photos showcasing the stained glass windows of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque. The famous traditional mosque in Shiraz is also known as the Pink Mosque for the primarily pink colored tiles used for its interiors. While we only get a couple of peeks inside the kaleidoscopic mosque from this series, it’s enough to convince us that it’s a spot color-loving travelers and photographers shouldn’t miss.

Do check out Sofia Macarena Prado’s Behance portfolio to see more of her stunning travel photography.