The Powerful Story Behind this Photo by Newsha Tavakolian

“In Iran, women are not allowed to sing solo, following the 1979 revolution,” says Magnum Photographer Newsha Tavakolian to The Phoblographer in an interview. “However, singing is part of our culture…I dislike this so much that I refuse to go to any concert in Iran where men sing.” This photo is part of a much larger series called Listen. Newsha tells us that she went as far as creating actual CD album jewel-cases as gifts. But there was a catch: the cases were empty. This is part of the statement she’s trying to make.

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The Passion of Trees: A Story of Photographer Ali Shokri’s Love of Nature

All images by Ali Shokri. Used with permission.

“In our family culture, the tree is a symbol of life.” Nature photographer Ali Shokri grew up in Iran. It was in his beautiful home country that he would begin to develop his passion and love for nature – more so, trees. Years later, his passion would become the centerpoint of his life’s ambitions. For the last 16 years, Shokri has been photographing trees. His mission? To show everyone how important and beautiful they are to the world. His body of work has since been turned into a photo book, The Passion of Trees. Showing his collection of images and highlighting his message, Shokri spoke to us about a topic he holds tightly close to his heart.

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Sofia Macarena Prado’s Travel Photos Attempt to Retrace Old Persia

Iran Travel Diary by Sofia Macarena Prado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If Iran isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, we’ve found a travel series that should inspire you to include it. Not only is it home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but also a rich cultural legacy. A testament to this is the beautiful Iran travel diary of Buenos Aires-based photographer and art director Sofia Macarena Prado. There, she takes us around the most stunning sights, highlights some of its vibrant colors and textures, introduces us to the locals, and provides glimpses of their daily life.

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Eliza Malkhasyan Takes Us Around the Hushed Streets of Iran

All images by Eliza Malkhasyan. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we speak of street photography (or even travel photography to some degree), the first thing that comes to mind is documenting all the action and activity of a place. It’s a popular approach because it definitely leads to some interesting images. However, there’s also a certain charm to the more quiet captures. The latest to show us how is Armenian photographer and graphic designer Eliza Malkhasyan.

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