How to Grow as a Photographer on Instagram (And Off It)

Fact: you can grow as a photographer by collaborating with folks and networking with people on Instagram. But there’s a huge difference between growth on social media and actually growing as a photographer. In fact, they’re very far from one another. If you’re making money as a photographer on Instagram, it’s because you were hired to do a gig. But let’s explore more of that in this post.

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The Best Photography Websites, YouTube Accounts, and Blogs in 2020

You’re probably looking for a round-up of some of the best places to get your photography fix this year.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a ton of places where I search for news and inspiration within the photography space. I’m positive my list is different than yours. As an Editor in Chief, I admit I’m not listing competing websites here. But, I’m listing some of my personal favorites that I have a true attachment to. So, without further adieu, here are some of the best.

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Getty Images and Flickr End Their Partnership After Five Years


Getty Images and Flickr have ended their five-year partnership and have no plans to renew a contract. Since 2008 the partnership allowed Getty Images to browse through Flickr galleries and invite photographers to license out their work to Getty Image’s creative, commercial, and business buyers. The stock photography company said it was still open to working with Yahoo and Flickr.

The Flickr collection on Getty Images will now form the basis of a new house collection called “Moment,” which will now take images from contributors submitting directly to Getty for consideration. Instead of Getty Images searching through Flickr, camera shooters will have to send in full-sized, captioned photos for review and selection. While Getty won’t be actively seeking out new contributors on Yahoo’s photo sharing site, photographers who have already signed a contract won’t be affected as stated by a Getty email to Flickr Collection contributors.

“Your status as a contributor to Getty Images is unchanged by this news. Your current agreement with Getty Images remains the same and agreements will NOT be terminated by us as a result of this change, no matter how few images you have on”

As Getty moves away from Flickr it seems the company is shifting its curators to a wider range of sources including its new Moment app for iOS devices. Mobile users will also be able to contribute pictures to the new Moment collection from their smartphones using the new Moment-Mobile App.

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10 Tips to Supercharge Your Photography Website by Photocrati Is Filled With Nifty Tips

Photocrati has released a new free eBook for photographers looking to brand themselves better called, “10 Tips to Supercharge Your Photography Website.” The service, which provides premium management tools for WordPress, is doing this as part of a content marketing campaign similar to competitors like PhotoShelter.

So what’s inside? Apparently it includes advice on what to look for in a template such as:

  • Make sure it has the gallery sizes you want.  (i.e., full screen, lightbox, responsive, grid and/or slideshows
  • If you need to sell your work, does it have eCommerce options?
  • Are you looking to provide proofing galleries to clients?  If so, can the template help with that?
  • Does the template provide social media features?
  • How easy is it to customize?  Not all photographers understand HTML, so hopefully you find a template that can be adjusted without it.
 The book also provides insight from Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions on how to maintain consistency across the entire platform that translates into better synergy. If you’re not doing anything and lounging around the house or are genuinely interested in it, give the book a page-through.


Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Photography Site in Flash

Tons of photography sites are built in Flash. I would almost venture to say that most are.  Although building any site but most specifically a photography site this way makes little sense and less sense all the time, I see them every day. My only explanation beyond people not knowing is that it’s self propelled at this point – as in “everyone else is doing it” syndrome. Well here are a few reasons to consider other options when building your photography site.
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My Favorite Photo Sites To Check Out

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

As a tech blogger for years that’d had primarily online experience, I’ve developed quite the taste fora number of photo blogs in my Google News reader. I’m just going to get straight into this: here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite photo blogs and websites.

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