My Favorite Photo Sites To Check Out

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

As a tech blogger for years that’d had primarily online experience, I’ve developed quite the taste fora number of photo blogs in my Google News reader. I’m just going to get straight into this: here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite photo blogs and websites.

Photography Bay

Run by photographer Eric Reagan, Photography Bay delivers all the usual stuff and extras that no one else has. They’re usually the first to point out specific patents and have loads of tips to offer photographers. I also used to write there.


The awesomeness that is is an entire community of photographers helping one another in specific forums on top of loads of tests, reviews, guides etc. It is the essential place for photographers to grow and learn no matter what your experience is.


This site is known all over the photographic community to be the premiere source for getting reviews. With an average of 30 page long reviews including charts and comparison, you really can’t get any better than this. The guys at B&H even use this when trying to compare cameras in store.

Digital Photography School

Hands down the best place for niche photography articles for beginners. It’s written in a very inspirational tone.

Steve Huff Photo

Steve makes some cool comparisons and tests. He’s also a very good photographer and an excellent writer.

Photo Rumors

This site is one of my favorite because I can always go here to see what’s coming as well as how we can predict things to come in the future of photography.

1001 Noisy Cameras

The ultimate photography gear news aggregator. You really can’t do any better than this one. If you subscribe to anything for gear, this should be it.

The Online Photographer

While I don’t always like the short personal essays published, the other photography reviews and times spent with cameras are some of the best I’ve ever read. They rival the field reviews of Luminous Landscape.

Serious Compacts

If you’ve ever wondered or wanted something that takes great photos but isn’t as big as your DSLR, then this is the site for you. Will full scientific tests and reviews, this is the site to check out on how things are to come.


The NYTimes photojournalism blog is a huge source of inspiration. Rivaling the work of Magnum Photos, they publish much more often.


Though I mainly shoot without flash, this is where I go to read up anything and everything on how to light subject correctly. If you can’t already “see light” then this will teach you.

Blind Photographers

The work and bloggings of visually impaired photographers, like myself. It’s interesting to see through someone else’s eyes.

Chris Gampat

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