Cheap Photo: Big Savings on Camera Bags, Tripods, and More

We’ve found deals on photography accessories that can save you big bucks.

If you’re looking for a new camera bag, or if you need a new tripod or SD cards, you’re in luck. We have found some incredible deals on all the above. For a short time, you can pick up the Tenba DNA 15 Messenger for just $138.98. The Think Tank Streetwalker Pro V2 can be yours for $169.79. One of our most well-reviewed bags, the Portage Supply Kenora, has dropped to just $69. You can now get UHS-II SD cards for only $16.11, and you can save over $60 on the Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod. Also, if hardware isn’t your thing, maybe these presets for Luminar are up your alley! The deals on these photography accessories will end soon. So, act fast if you want to take advantage of these deals.

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The New Carbon Fiber SIRUI AM-2 Traveler Tripods Start at Just $130!

SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods

The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods should be tough enough to withstand the abuses of travel, and they are pretty affordable.

Tripods are the one photography accessory that we take for granted, or in some cases, don’t take seriously enough. Sure you can go down to your local big-box retailer and pick up a plastic fantastic tripod for $50, but we don’t recommend putting thousands of dollars worth of camera gear on them, not when you can get carbon fiber models like the new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler series tripods that start at $130. The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods come in a variety of flavors too, so there is one to suit all types of photographers. Join us after the break for all of the details.

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5 Tripods That Will Help You Capture Stunning Landscapes This Fall

use tripods for stunning fall photography

If you want to capture beautiful landscapes this fall with peace of mind, you should check out these study tripods. 

Can you believe that Fall is less than a month away? I know, it’s crazy. Soon the leaves will turn into magical reds, oranges, golds, and yellows. The air will become bright and crisp, and those long hikes to your favorite destinations will be even more enjoyable. When it comes to landscape photography, you need great compositions to be able to tell the story. You also need to capture as much detail as possible. This, my friends, is where tripods come into play. In this round-up, we will take a quick look at five tripods that will help you capture your best landscape images yet. Continue reading…

SIRUI Announces Mobile Lenses for Phone Photographers, Videographers

mobile lenses

If your smartphone is your primary camera and you want to get a little more creative, these mobile lenses may interest you.

More people are using their smartphones as their primary cameras these days, and while they are pretty capable shooters, one thing that holds them back is the inability to change lenses. SIRUI has come to market with two new mobile lenses that they hope will solve this problem. Today, SIRUI has announced a new 400mm lens and a new Anamorphic lens for videographers who want to create cinematic, widescreen videos. Join us after the break for more details on both. Continue reading…

Review: SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column (The Sturdiest Tripod We’ve Tested)

If you purchase the SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column, you’re spending almost $1,000 on tripod equipment.

If you’re a photographer that really, seriously needs some of the best stabilization that you can get your hands on, then the SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column is pretty much a no compromise solution. It’s a great option for those of you working with high end, medium format gear and to that end perhaps one of the best options that I’d recommend for photographers who shoot landscapes seriously in the 35mm format. With the right ballhead, it’s something that rivals and in many ways bests the quality of some of the top end Vanguard tripods.

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