SIRUI Announces Mobile Lenses for Phone Photographers, Videographers

mobile lenses

If your smartphone is your primary camera and you want to get a little more creative, these mobile lenses may interest you.

More people are using their smartphones as their primary cameras these days, and while they are pretty capable shooters, one thing that holds them back is the inability to change lenses. SIRUI has come to market with two new mobile lenses that they hope will solve this problem. Today, SIRUI has announced a new 400mm lens and a new Anamorphic lens for videographers who want to create cinematic, widescreen videos. Join us after the break for more details on both.

The announcement from SIRUI will no doubt please those who shoot exclusively with their phones, and even others who use their smart devices occasionally for photography and videography.

Mobile Lenses

The 400mm long focus lens comes as part of a kit that also includes a mobile phone tripod with an adjustable ball head, a Bluetooth shutter release, a lens adapter to attach it to your phone, and a storage case. The elements inside the lens are precision engineered in Germany, and all of the elements are made from Schott glass. The glass is also treated with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating for increased levels of light transmission, better color reproduction, and reduced vignetting and distortion. The lens body is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which means it’s pretty durable. The 400mm mobile lens is available on Amazon for $149.

mobile lenses

The Anamorphic mobile lens has been created for those who like to use their smartphones to create videos. According to SIRUI, you’ll be able to create widescreen, cinematic videos complete with light flares, just like you see in Hollywood blockbusters. The lens simply clips over the lens on your phone. Within seconds you’ll be ready to start shooting.

To get the most from the lens, you will need to download and use either the SIRUI Lens App, you can purchase the FiLMic Pro App; both of which are available on the available on Google Play store and the Apple App store. Like the 400mm lens, the elements are made from German-engineered Schott glass, and the same anti-reflective coatings have been applied.

If you would like more information about both of these mobile lenses you can head to their dedicated product pages. The 400mm lens page is here, and the Anamorphic lens page is here.

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