The New Carbon Fiber SIRUI AM-2 Traveler Tripods Start at Just $130!

SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods

The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods should be tough enough to withstand the abuses of travel, and they are pretty affordable.

Tripods are the one photography accessory that we take for granted, or in some cases, don’t take seriously enough. Sure you can go down to your local big-box retailer and pick up a plastic fantastic tripod for $50, but we don’t recommend putting thousands of dollars worth of camera gear on them, not when you can get carbon fiber models like the new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler series tripods that start at $130. The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods come in a variety of flavors too, so there is one to suit all types of photographers. Join us after the break for all of the details.

The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods promise to be durable, lightweight, and according to SIRUI, have been designed to combat corrosion much more than other travel tripods that are currently on the market. In all, there are four models in the SIRUI AM-2 traveler series of tripods, with the cheapest of the bunch costing just $129.90, and the most expensive option costing a still reasonable $299.90. The SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods are very competitively priced when you consider that they feature a carbon fiber construction.

First up is the SIRUI A-M223+B-00K (such a catchy name, I know). Name aside, though, this model is the cheapest (and smallest) of the bunch. The tripod weighs just 1.17lbs, can hold 33.07lbs of gear, and has a maximum height of 13.78 Inches. The tripod has three sections, carbon fiber legs, it comes with a ball head, has anti-slip rubber leg locks, and three angle leg adjustments for low and macro shots. If you want to travel light, this is the tripod for you. You can pick one up for $129.90.

Second, on the list is the AMM-225+B-00K. This version of the SUIRUI AM-2 traveler tripods features five sections, a quarter-inch accessory port, carbon fiber leg tubes, the same B-00K ball head, three-angle leg adjustments for low and macro shots, and the same anti-slip and wear-resistant rubber leg locks. This model can hold 13.23lbs of gear, has a maximum height of 47.2-inches and weighs only 1.16lbs. This one can be yours for $199.90.

The AM-254+A10R features four sections, a quarter-inch accessory port, and it’s water and dustproof. You’ll find carbon fiber leg tubes and the A-10R ball head. The A-10R low gravity ball head is designed with features that deliver low gravity, strong stability, and a strong worm gear lock force. The 360-degree panorama platform provides users with smooth movement while the rugged metal knobs are great for low-temperature environments. This model also features the same other features found on other models in this series. The AM-A10R ball head can hold 44.09 lbs of gear, weighs just 2.25lbs, and the tripod has a max height of 47.24-inches. This model costs $279.90. You can also buy just the tripod legs for $199.90.

SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods

Last but not least is the SIRUI AM-284+A10R. This model is the most expensive option in the SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripod series, and it comes with all of the same features as the other models; the main difference is the load capacity of the tripod legs. The carbon fiber legs of this model are rated to hold 33.07lbs, which is quite impressive, especially when you consider that this model weighs just 2.69lbs. It has a maximum height of 47.2-inches and will set you back $299.90. Alternatively, you can buy the legs separately for $249.90.

If you wish, you can also purchase a center column extender that will allow you to have an ever greater maximum height for $29.97, and you can also buy the new low gravity A-10R professional ball head separately for $95.80. If you would like more information on any of the new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler series tripods, head on over the official SIRUI website.

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