The New Carbon Fiber SIRUI AM-2 Traveler Tripods Start at Just $130!

SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods

The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods should be tough enough to withstand the abuses of travel, and they are pretty affordable.

Tripods are the one photography accessory that we take for granted, or in some cases, don’t take seriously enough. Sure you can go down to your local big-box retailer and pick up a plastic fantastic tripod for $50, but we don’t recommend putting thousands of dollars worth of camera gear on them, not when you can get carbon fiber models like the new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler series tripods that start at $130. The new SIRUI AM-2 Traveler tripods come in a variety of flavors too, so there is one to suit all types of photographers. Join us after the break for all of the details.

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