SIRUI’s New UV, ND, and CP Lens Filters Are Just 2MM Thick!

SIRUI has announced the launch of a new line of lens filters for photographers. These new Ultra Slim filters will be available in UV, ND, & CP varieties as well as in standard threaded, 100x100mm and 100x150mm.

The new lens filters are available built from quality scientific grade aluminum, and the glass is highly regarded german Schott Place Glass B270. This may not mean much to those unfamiliar, but SIRUI drove this point home to indicate that their lens filters are built with the utmost quality and durability in mind.

Each filter is coated using a special multi-layer process which is designed to evenly apply the coatings to the glass surface. Each filter is incredibly thin as well, with the UV filter just 2mm think up to the ND filter at 2.8mm thick. This helps avoid the unsightly issue of big bulky filters on the end of your lens.

The one issue that could come to mind is that with a super thin filter like that getting the filter off your lens may become an issue due to very little to grab onto. Many people have issues getting normal thickness filters off their lenses, so we can just see this being a potential issue.

The threaded filters will be available from $24 up to $179, with the 100×100 filters running $199, and the 100x150mm filters running $179. If you are interested in learning more about these new filters from SIRUI you can get all of the information about them over on their product page, here.

Anthony Thurston

Anthony is a Portland, Oregon based Boudoir Photographer specializing in a dark, moody style that promotes female body positivity, empowerment, and sexuality. Besides The Phoblographer, he also reviews gear and produces his own educational content on his website.