Ryan Ochoa Explores Identity and Mental Health Through Film Photography

All images and text by Ryan Ochoa. Used with permission.

My name is Ryan Ochoa and I am a photographer based in San Francisco. I work mainly with film, specifically 35mm since I believe it adds a rawness that reflects my hyper-sensitivity to the world — both the pain and the beauty within it. My go to camera is the Canon AE-1, and all photos in this series were shot on this camera. Topics I like to explore in my work include gender and identity, the illusion of the American Dream (a nightmare), as well as the distortion of image through light and color. I am a young queer boy who deals with Borderline Personality Disorder (which causes my hands to shake leading to the blurriness of some of my images) and these aspects of my identity heavily influence how I view the world behind the lens. Continue reading…

Manfrotto’s New Manhattan Lineup of Bags Target the NYC Photographer

Manfrotto just introduced a brand new lineup of camera bags called the Manfrotto Manhattan Collection. As the lifestyle imagery implies along with the name, the Manhattan collection targets the NYC based photographer who commutes using the subway system, bikes, etc. But that doesn’t mean those are the only photographers who may be attracted to it. In fact, photographers in Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and other cities like Berlin may be widening their eyes.

There are three bags in the lineup: The Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50 backpack, Manfrotto Manhattan Speedy 10 Messenger Bag and the Manhattan Changer 20 Shoulder bag.

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The Gallerist – Promoting Passion, Print & Art in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

What do you think of when someone mentions San Francisco? Chances are it has something to do with the tech industry, or start-ups, or gentrification. But what about the real San Francisco? The one experienced every day by the people who live there? The one captured by the artists who live there?

Danish filmmaker Jonas Normann has spent the last four years developing short films featuring artists from the greater San Francisco area. Following his project from last year, Ether (watch on Vimeo), he returned to San Francisco to feature another artist in his latest release – The Gallerist. In the short film, which runs about 9 minutes, Normann profiles photographer Carson Lancaster, who also happens to be the owner of a photography gallery in the Tenderloin District – one of the last (THE last if you ask Lancaster) vestiges of that old San Francisco culture.

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The Friendliest Cities in the World for Street Photography

Westfield from London Street Photography. Image by Nicolas Goodden

Westfield from London Street Photography. Image by Nicholas Goodden

All images in this article are used with permission.

Street photographers experience harassment everywhere in the world for taking pictures and capturing a moment in public. However, everyone loves looking at the images and the art form is highly regarded and even mimicked in modern day advertising. Surely, it’s a great way to not only become a better photographer by shooting such a wide variety of subjects but it’s also great for just capturing beautiful moments as they occur in everyday life.

We’ve done some research and rounded up a list of the best cities in the world for street photography. This isn’t a definitive list by any means, nor is it in any particular order–but if you’re ever traveling to these cities, be sure to carry along your camera.

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Evan Thompson on Exploring Underground Tunnels in San Francisco


All images by Evan Thompson. Used with permission.

Underneath San Francisco is a network of old tunnels that very few photographers explore; but Photographer Evan Thompson has recently shared his photos of these very little known places with the world. He tells us that they’re still mostly a secret and that most folks keep it to themselves so as not to give away the secrets. He was inspired by the recent wave of photographers that love to go urban exploring and to places where no one else goes to.

We talked to Evan about the dangers of something like this and his creative vision in the network.

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FlaskMobs Take Over the Streets of San Francisco

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.04.10 AM

There was a time when flash mobs were a huge thing, when hordes of people in big cities would gather to collectively do something out of the ordinary in full view of the public. Well, the Bay Area photographers have their own version. In true San Franciscan fashion, they took the idea behind flash mobs and changed your typical photo walk into something just a little more radical.

Aptly named the FlaskMob, the monthly photo meet and greet was first organized by photographer Evan Thompson in November 2013 as a more fun way for photographers to network as well as learn from one another. At every meeting that lasts for several hours, photographers join in on the merry-making armed with not only their cameras, but also with flasks (thus the name), as they go about the Bay City streets to document its usually vibrant and crazy nightlife.

From the looks of filmmaker/photographer ‪Whitney Dinneweth’s short documentary of the group’s third meeting, this is definitely different from your usual Saturday night photo walk.

It might be cool to hop on this bandwagon should you ever find yourself in SF, so be sure to visit the group’s Facebook page or sign up on their website to get updates. For photos from their awesome meetings, follow them on Instagram.

And do check out Dinneweth’s video after the jump to see what the group’s been up to.

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Bay Area Artist Exposes and Prints Photographs Unto Blown Glass


Printed photographs have always been, customarily, flat and it’s been that way since the beginning. But a Bay Area-based artist is changing that norm by creating three-dimensional printed photographs!

Emma Jaubert Howell of San Francisco, CA is a both a photographer and a glass-artist by trade. For years now, she has been trying to find a balance between her two passions, an endeavor she has most recently succeeded in doing – by capturing real images and printing them unto glass. And no, we don’t mean printing an image on paper and inserting it inside a blown glass. If the concept of Howell’s project is a little vague to you, that’s because it’s never been done before.

Taking advantage of the wet plate collodion process, a technique for making photographs from the 1850s, she basically records her images on her own custom irregular glass plates. To achieve this, she actually built her own camera and her own portable darkroom from scratch.

The process itself is almost as complicated as it sounds. Not only does Howell hike to her shooting locations carrying a camera that’s almost big enough to be a Bat-Signal, she also mixes (the chemicals), exposes, and develops all in one go in wherever remote area she finds herself in. And while her newly-invented technique sounds very technical, it also involves a good deal of creative process as she examines her glass plates and finds inspiration in their own individual waves, swirls, and folds to decide on her photographic subject and composition.

Howell’s the first to admit that her technique is far from being perfect and that there’s been a lot of trial and error but the results she’s gotten so far are mind-blowing and truly creative! See a gallery of her finished products after the jump.

Via Wired

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This Timelapse of San Francisco Took a Year To Create

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.45.25 AM

Every now and then, a timelapse comes around that completely blows our minds. This morning we were delighted to wake up to an email from Matt Maniego who linked us to his timelapse that took an entire year to create. Think about that for a second: most photographers barely stick to their 365 projects–and this is a timelapse.

Matt shot areas all over San Francisco for this video and called it “Paradise” because he feels that the city is very much a paradise to him. The video indeed takes you all around the city during the night and day. And overall, its beauty and execution is alluring.

Check out the video after the jump.

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