FlaskMobs Take Over the Streets of San Francisco

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.04.10 AM

There was a time when flash mobs were a huge thing, when hordes of people in big cities would gather to collectively do something out of the ordinary in full view of the public. Well, the Bay Area photographers have their own version. In true San Franciscan fashion, they took the idea behind flash mobs and changed your typical photo walk into something just a little more radical.

Aptly named the FlaskMob, the monthly photo meet and greet was first organized by photographer Evan Thompson in November 2013 as a more fun way for photographers to network as well as learn from one another. At every meeting that lasts for several hours, photographers join in on the merry-making armed with not only their cameras, but also with flasks (thus the name), as they go about the Bay City streets to document its usually vibrant and crazy nightlife.

From the looks of filmmaker/photographer ‪Whitney Dinneweth’s short documentary of the group’s third meeting, this is definitely different from your usual Saturday night photo walk.

It might be cool to hop on this bandwagon should you ever find yourself in SF, so be sure to visit the group’s Facebook page or sign up on their website to get updates. For photos from their awesome meetings, follow them on Instagram.

And do check out Dinneweth’s video after the jump to see what the group’s been up to.

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