Polaroid Is Making Packfilm and Giving it Away for Free!

In light of their support for the last Unsplash awards, Polaroid is giving away Packfilm for free!

No, your mind isn’t the only one being blown right now. I was quite shocked to learn this myself. Today, Polaroid is giving us a doubleheader. First off, they’re bringing back Packfilm. So if you’ve got an older Polaroid Type 100 film camera, get ready: you’ll be able to bring new life to that camera. The only other manufacturer is Supersense, and their stuff is hit or miss. But even better, they’re giving it away for free! That’s where we really started to scratch our heads.

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Video: SuperSense One Instant Packfilm Is a Major Disappointment

The SuperSense One Instant packfilm is disappointing in so many ways.

Years ago, Fujifilm discontinued their peel-apart film–otherwise known as packfilm. It was instant and for years had been used by professionals shooting film to get a preview of their exposures. But, it experienced a bit of a revival when people started to get back into Instant film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep it alive. And Fujifilm instead does Instax. But, the folks over at SuperSense decided to recreate it themselves. They’re a small team mostly working on a passion project–and it shows. I personally backed their Kickstarter a while back and received my film last year. But we were super busy, and it was frigid out, so summer 2020 just seemed like the best time to test is. So how did it do? Well, I’m pretty sad.

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Watch This Fun ONE INSTANT “How To” Guide Before You Shoot!

Whether you’re expecting your ONE INSTANT pack film to arrive anytime soon, or it’s already in your hands, make sure you watch this fun how-to guide before you shoot!

Some of you lucky recipients of the “First Run” of ONE INSTANT pack film may already be out having fun and shooting with this landmark instant film. Others with “Early Bird” orders will have theirs soon, and we can just imagine how excited everyone is. To help make sure you make the most out of their pack film, the folks of SUPERSENSE put together a fun and informative instructional video with some important things to know before opening that precious box of instant goodness.

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This Kickstarter is probably our last chance to ensure that Packfilm returns to the world; let’s not screw this up!

We’ve previously reported on Florian Kaps being hard at work to bring back packfilm–and now we have learned we’re at the final crossroads. Today, him and Supersense are announcing a brand new Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is asking for funding to get the film production back up and running. For the uninitiated, Kaps was one of the folks behind the Impossible Project which later became Polaroid Originals. Without his help, much of the film for the old Polaroid cameras would be gone. This new peel-apart pack film is going to be called ONE INSTANT.

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CatLABS of JP Won’t Be Making Pack Film Happen Anymore; But Wait…

The latest update from CatLABS of JP on making pack film isn’t one we wanted to hear. 

For those who have been following the journey of CatLABS of JP to bringing back pack film, sadly, it has all come to an end. Two years after vowing to recreate a sustainable and viable production of pack film, the Boston-based darkroom resources and service provider has announced that they’re no longer pushing through with the project.

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Florian “Doc” Kaps Lays out Plans for Kickstarter Attempt to Ultimately Bring Back Packfilm

It’s been more than two years since his “ultimate attempt” to save packfilm started, but Florian “Doc” Kaps isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

Florian “Doc” Kaps’ dream to save peel-apart instant film, also known as packfilm, is a massive one. That’s why in true comic book superhero fashion, he has been spending the last two years following a carefully planned strategy.

First, Florian handpicked his very own league of “Superheroes” – a team of, so far, four men with different lines of expertise and resources. Next, he set up a headquarters at the heart of Vienna, Austria. Finally, he came up with a two-prong plan to finance his goal; a Kickstarter campaign set to launch on September 20, and the Packfilm Project Supporter Shop.

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Florian Kaps and His “Superheroes” Haven’t Given Up on Saving Peel-Apart Instant Film

There’s still a chance to save the beloved packfilm, as far as Florian “Doc” Kaps and his “Superheroes” are concerned. Today, we share an interview that gives us hope.

The beauty and wonder of peel-apart packfilm, sadly, is something that most of us who still shoot film today may no longer experience. Yet, there remains a glimmer of hope for a handful of people who are still hard at work trying to keep it alive. After successfully bringing back Polaroid Instant Film through the Impossible Project (now Polaroid Originals), Florian “Doc” Kaps has been hard at work with what he calls the “ultimate attempt” to save peel-apart instant film. Florian and one of his Superheroes, Uwe Schneider, tell us more in an interview video with Analog Things.

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The Wait for a Peel-Apart Instant Pack Film Revival Continues

When Fujifilm slated the FP-3000B Instant Black and White Film for discontinuation, it was the only black and white instant film in 3×4 format in the market. Four years later and we’re on a mad scramble after the last stocks of FP-100C, which Fuji discontinued in early 2016. Despite the many exciting developments in the instant photography arena, the beloved peel-apart films still remain sorely missed. The task to revive it appears difficult, apparently even for Polaroid Originals, so we are left waiting (impatiently, for some of us) for its return.

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CatLABS of JP Pledges to Manufacture Packfilm for Polaroid Cameras

In what’s some great news for us analogue photographers, it seems like we’ll be getting our alternative packfilm for Polaroid Land Cameras after all! It’s coming from CatLABS of JP; and in a very recent posting made by the company it seems like they’re going to take up the mantle. They stated:

“We have the experience, knowledge and history to back this up. We are so committed to packfilm, we had the entire 6th issue of our Papersafe magazine shot on packfilm.”

At the moment though, they don’t have specific details but they’re telling folks to follow their Facebook page to keep up to date.; and it overall is a fairly odd an interesting post to make.

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