CatLABS of JP Won’t Be Making Pack Film Happen Anymore; But Wait…

The latest update from CatLABS of JP on making pack film isn’t one we wanted to hear. 

For those who have been following the journey of CatLABS of JP to bringing back pack film, sadly, it has all come to an end. Two years after vowing to recreate a sustainable and viable production of pack film, the Boston-based darkroom resources and service provider has announced that they’re no longer pushing through with the project.

In their latest update for their “We Will Make Packfilm!” project, CATLABS of JP shared some various details that they had to “keep under wraps until now.” Among these were their “globe-trotting effort to secure things for the future” and visiting factories and warehouses to “try and uncover some long lost or forgotten piece of technology” that would be of help to their mission. They also mention sometimes secretly meeting with top executives from Japan, Germany, France, China, and the US aside from suppliers, designers, chemists, and engineers. As a result, they have spent a huge amount of resources from their own pockets, mainly to find out if the venture was even possible.

Looks like they finally got their answer, and it’s what everyone has been dreading to hear.

“Alas, despite having spent the better part of two years working on this, and what we feel was our very best effort to take on this crazy challenge, we have decided to move away from this project and focus our efforts on other projects, where we feel our resources are better utilized.”

It may be another sad day for pack film and its fans, but CatLABS of JP was just one of the groups that decided to take on the monumental task of bringing it back. Another is Florian Kaps’ Save Packfilm projectwith a Kickstarter campaign starting in three days. Nevertheless, CatLABS of JP is encouraging everyone to keep the pack film industry going by buying what’s left of it out there, and in turn supporting the Save Packfilm project.

“Those who have been lamenting the demise of Packfilm (FP100c) and those just jumping onboard now, should know that Packfilm was and still is readily available around the world (and probably will still be available for the next few years).

“Everyone should go out and buy some now, buy lots of it and go shoot. Its the only way to keep the industry going. By doing so, you might even be supporting a new effort to make Packfilm that is taking shape right now. We would encourage anyone who is interested in Packfilm to consider supporting this upcoming effort and Kickstarter campaign.”