Watch This Fun ONE INSTANT “How To” Guide Before You Shoot!

Whether you’re expecting your ONE INSTANT pack film to arrive anytime soon, or it’s already in your hands, make sure you watch this fun how-to guide before you shoot!

Some of you lucky recipients of the “First Run” of ONE INSTANT pack film may already be out having fun and shooting with this landmark instant film. Others with “Early Bird” orders will have theirs soon, and we can just imagine how excited everyone is. To help make sure you make the most out of their pack film, the folks of SUPERSENSE put together a fun and informative instructional video with some important things to know before opening that precious box of instant goodness.

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The Return of Peel Apart Instant Film Is Close, First Batch On its Way

There are now nearly 2,000 ONE INSTANT films (and counting) ready, as production is well underway to keep up with the 18,000 Kickstarter pack films.

Each time we get news from the SUPERSENSE team about the progress of ONE INSTANT pack film, it feels like opening presents on Christmas Day. In their latest Kickstarter update, they tell us production is “cruising in 4th gear” and has now completed 10% of the whopping 18,000 pack films ordered by backers. With the coming weeks and months set for “a full-court press, 5th gear, mad dash, cartridge making frenzy,” the first batch will soon be out the door for delivery to First Run backers. The update, as always put together by Christopher, also showed that the 1,977 completed ONE INSTANT pack film cartridges are now being packed really nicely. First, the triple packs are slid into light-tight black bags that resemble coffee bean packaging. “These bags not only look good, but they provide a light-tight and secure home for the films,” he said.

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CatLABS of JP Won’t Be Making Pack Film Happen Anymore; But Wait…

The latest update from CatLABS of JP on making pack film isn’t one we wanted to hear. 

For those who have been following the journey of CatLABS of JP to bringing back pack film, sadly, it has all come to an end. Two years after vowing to recreate a sustainable and viable production of pack film, the Boston-based darkroom resources and service provider has announced that they’re no longer pushing through with the project.

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Florian Kaps and His “Superheroes” Haven’t Given Up on Saving Peel-Apart Instant Film

There’s still a chance to save the beloved packfilm, as far as Florian “Doc” Kaps and his “Superheroes” are concerned. Today, we share an interview that gives us hope.

The beauty and wonder of peel-apart packfilm, sadly, is something that most of us who still shoot film today may no longer experience. Yet, there remains a glimmer of hope for a handful of people who are still hard at work trying to keep it alive. After successfully bringing back Polaroid Instant Film through the Impossible Project (now Polaroid Originals), Florian “Doc” Kaps has been hard at work with what he calls the “ultimate attempt” to save peel-apart instant film. Florian and one of his Superheroes, Uwe Schneider, tell us more in an interview video with Analog Things.

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The Impossible Project I-1 is the Company’s First Camera

It took them a while, but today the Impossible Project showed off their upcoming camera. CEO Oskar Smolokowski introduced the Impossible Project i-1 camera today that is an ode to the classic Polaroid cameras of old. This camera is an interesting combination of both digital and analog.

It’s going to cost $299 when it launches, and one of the coolest features is USB rechargeable batteries.

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Florian “Doc” Kaps to Meet with Fujifilm on Keeping 100C Alive

Chris Gampat Gear Patrol Polaroid 210 Patina Post Photos (6 of 11)

Editor’s note: In a previous version of this article, I stated that Impossible Project was meeting with Fujifilm. This was a mistake. Florian “Doc” Kaps, the found of Impossible who left the company is meeting with them.

Be still my beating heart!!!

Lots and lots of photographers have been outraged by Fujifilm’s wanting to kill off 100-C. This has caught the attention of the Impossible Project and to that end, Florian “Doc” Kaps formerly of the Impossible Project. He is flying to Japan to talk with the execs about the film, according to a report on Save Pack FilmDoc represents a group of hardcore analogue lovers hellbent on saving the film from the death is doesn’t deserve.

To further the efforts, Doc is asking for signatures on the petition to save the film. So far, there are quite a few signatures but they need more.

The meeting is on March 17th; and could possibly even bring up the idea of resurrecting 3000B or even getting the older low ISO pack film back. Let’s cross our fingers to hope so.

The Impossible Project was founded on the idea that they could bring Polaroid film back to life. They bought the factory, and worked on reverse engineering the emulsion. Years later, they’ve done a pretty good job. But through and through, Fujifilm’s emulsions have been superior. If they can save they film, it will be a huge win for many of us.

Via R/Polaroid

Update: Dave Bias, one of the founding team of Impossible (USA), and for the past two years, the main voice behind and one of the many folks behind emailed me with the correction. Doc is no longer with Impossible, but Impossible, FILM Ferrania and New55 have all pledged to support the efforts of Doc and

Doc is talking about all this on his blog.