The Impossible Project I-1 is the Company’s First Camera

It took them a while, but today the Impossible Project showed off their upcoming camera. CEO Oskar Smolokowski introduced the Impossible Project i-1 camera today that is an ode to the classic Polaroid cameras of old. This camera is an interesting combination of both digital and analog.

It’s going to cost $299 when it launches, and one of the coolest features is USB rechargeable batteries.



The camera is designed to be simple, so it has few buttons and no knobs. Plus there is an LED flash around the lens–kind of like a ring flash. The camera works with a companion app that lets you adjust the shutter speed, aperture, flash settings, trigger the camera, and allow pre-set effects like double exposures, long exposures, etc.

This camera uses Impossible’s type 600 film.

Pretty interesting, right? An analog camera that integrates with an app, charges via USB, and that has an emphasis on being simple. It’s bound to be a bit with the Instax crowd; but we’ll still need to see if the higher end creatives will be interested at all.



Chris Gampat

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