Watch This Fun ONE INSTANT “How To” Guide Before You Shoot!

Whether you’re expecting your ONE INSTANT pack film to arrive anytime soon, or it’s already in your hands, make sure you watch this fun how-to guide before you shoot!

Some of you lucky recipients of the “First Run” of ONE INSTANT pack film may already be out having fun and shooting with this landmark instant film. Others with “Early Bird” orders will have theirs soon, and we can just imagine how excited everyone is. To help make sure you make the most out of their pack film, the folks of SUPERSENSE put together a fun and informative instructional video with some important things to know before opening that precious box of instant goodness.

We spotted this guide from the latest Kickstarter update for the ONE INSTANT pack film. SUPERSENSE reminds us in the video description that their product is not a classic pack film, but a next-generation Type 100 instant film based on a new radical concept. It will work with all Polaroid cameras and film packs that were compatible with Polaroid and Fuji FP100 films. But, so you don’t mess your cartridges up, they highly recommend checking out the quick how-to video below!

So, there are a few important reminders:

  1. Make sure you load the ONE INSTANT cartridges in the lowest available light.
  2. Thread the processing tag through the rollers.
  3. Don’t tug at the darkslide or processing tab while handling. Don’t pull beyond the notches.
  4. When you’re ready to take a shot, remove the darkslide by pulling firmly.
  5. Make sure the processing tab is centered and pulled straight.
  6. While waiting for the standard processing time of three minutes, you can clean the goo from the rollers.
  7. Peel the film and print apart, then carefully separate the print from the remnants.

We’ve been following ONE INSTANT updates from the start and have been been thrilled with every bit of news. However, it’s even more exciting to see the entire process involved from loading the film to separating the print. It’s also great that this instructional video is actually fun to watch!

The folks of SUPERSENSE are still building a new website that will contain more in-depth information and tips for using this film, so be on the lookout for that as well!

Meanwhile, if you received your ONE INSTANT film already and have any concerns, they encourage you to send a note to with any questions or problems. If you’ve been shooting and are ready to share your ONE INSTANT snaps, don’t forget to add the #oneinstantfilm hashtag to your posts so the rest of us can see how awesome this new instant film is!