Florian “Doc” Kaps to Meet with Fujifilm on Keeping 100C Alive

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Editor’s note: In a previous version of this article, I stated that Impossible Project was meeting with Fujifilm. This was a mistake. Florian “Doc” Kaps, the found of Impossible who left the company is meeting with them.

Be still my beating heart!!!

Lots and lots of photographers have been outraged by Fujifilm’s wanting to kill off 100-C. This has caught the attention of the Impossible Project and to that end, Florian “Doc” Kaps formerly of the Impossible Project. He is flying to Japan to talk with the execs about the film, according to a report on Save Pack FilmDoc represents a group of hardcore analogue lovers hellbent on saving the film from the death is doesn’t deserve.

To further the efforts, Doc is asking for signatures on the petition to save the film. So far, there are quite a few signatures but they need more.

The meeting is on March 17th; and could possibly even bring up the idea of resurrecting 3000B or even getting the older low ISO pack film back. Let’s cross our fingers to hope so.

The Impossible Project was founded on the idea that they could bring Polaroid film back to life. They bought the factory, and worked on reverse engineering the emulsion. Years later, they’ve done a pretty good job. But through and through, Fujifilm’s emulsions have been superior. If they can save they film, it will be a huge win for many of us.

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Update: Dave Bias, one of the founding team of Impossible (USA), and for the past two years, the main voice behind filmferrania.it and one of the many folks behind savepackfilm.net emailed me with the correction. Doc is no longer with Impossible, but Impossible, FILM Ferrania and New55 have all pledged to support the efforts of Doc and savepackfilm.net.

Doc is talking about all this on his blog.

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