The Return of Peel Apart Instant Film Is Close, First Batch On its Way

There are now nearly 2,000 ONE INSTANT films (and counting) ready, as production is well underway to keep up with the 18,000 Kickstarter pack films.

Each time we get news from the SUPERSENSE team about the progress of ONE INSTANT pack film, it feels like opening presents on Christmas Day. In their latest Kickstarter update, they tell us production is “cruising in 4th gear” and has now completed 10% of the whopping 18,000 pack films ordered by backers. With the coming weeks and months set for “a full-court press, 5th gear, mad dash, cartridge making frenzy,” the first batch will soon be out the door for delivery to First Run backers. The update, as always put together by Christopher, also showed that the 1,977 completed ONE INSTANT pack film cartridges are now being packed really nicely. First, the triple packs are slid into light-tight black bags that resemble coffee bean packaging. “These bags not only look good, but they provide a light-tight and secure home for the films,” he said.

Instant coffee? No… Instant FILM!

While the bagging was happening, the outer packaging boxes were being prepared. They are cut, printed, and assembled in the team’s own letterpress workshop, with the tedious steps outlined in the update as well.

“First the cardboard blanks must be stamped with dies, cutting out the shape, as well as introducing the scores along which the box can be folded. Next, the die-cut blanks are run through the printing-press a second time and printed. Mind you, both the dies and the printing blocks are different for the top and bottom of the box.”

“After the top & bottom are cut, scored and printed, they must be pre-folded into shape and then run through this crazy corner-stapling machine that Doc must have found in some antique machine graveyard, or pulled from some industrial river somewhere…” Christopher joked.

Die-cutting/stamping the cuts and folds into cardboard blanks

Printing text onto the die-cut blanks

Folding up the sides

Stapling the corners with our antique ‘Eckenhefter’

On top of production news, Christopher shared what went down when he visited YouTuber Mathieu Stern in Paris to do a ONE INSTANT photoshoot with him while providing some on-site technical support. Mathieu had previously visited the SUPERSENSE HQ, where he got a tour of the factory and learned more about the history and execution of the ONE INSTANT project.

“Naturally, I was a tad nervous about using our funky film in a real-live shooting situation, and I only had enough room in my luggage to bring 12 shots,” shared Christopher. “But I am extremely happy/proud/relieved to report that the whole thing went off without a hitch! I dare say it was even a success.”

We’re sure you’re curious about what went down, so check out the two-part video from the shoot: