The Wait for a Peel-Apart Instant Pack Film Revival Continues

When Fujifilm slated the FP-3000B Instant Black and White Film for discontinuation, it was the only black and white instant film in 3×4 format in the market. Four years later and we’re on a mad scramble after the last stocks of FP-100C, which Fuji discontinued in early 2016. Despite the many exciting developments in the instant photography arena, the beloved peel-apart films still remain sorely missed. The task to revive it appears difficult, apparently even for Polaroid Originals, so we are left waiting (impatiently, for some of us) for its return.

If you’re one of the smart (or lucky) hoarders who stocked on this instant film and still have lots in your fridge, you absolutely did the right thing. While the FP-3000B and its siblings, FP-100C and FP-100B, were initially used for checking exposure and lighting conditions in the studio, many took a liking for doing all sorts of photography with it and the Polaroid Land Cameras. The FP-3000B was a favorite for its beautifully contrasted images, super sensitivity, and quick developing.

Today, the New55 PN peel-apart instant film in 4×5 is the next best thing in terms of alternatives. For a time, hopes were up when New55 and Florian Kaps announced a collaboration to rescue peel-apart pack films (albeit in 4×5 format), but the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. Of course, those weren’t meant to be solutions for shooting with the iconic pack film and land cameras.

We have come to an unfortunate time when Fujifilm is slowly killing off its film stock. So, if the peel-apart instant film revival we’re all waiting for finally happens, it will most likely be through the hands, vision, and dedication of someone else. Sadly, even Polaroid Originals has recently released a statement that peel-apart packfilm is something they cannot tackle in the next years.

For now, we wait.

Meanwhile, to inspire you to make the most out of your remaining peel-apart film packs, check out this FP-3000B group and FP-100C group on Flickr. And don’t forget to scan your negatives!