Polaroid Is Making Packfilm and Giving it Away for Free!

In light of their support for the last Unsplash awards, Polaroid is giving away Packfilm for free!

No, your mind isn’t the only one being blown right now. I was quite shocked to learn this myself. Today, Polaroid is giving us a doubleheader. First off, they’re bringing back Packfilm. So if you’ve got an older Polaroid Type 100 film camera, get ready: you’ll be able to bring new life to that camera. The only other manufacturer is Supersense, and their stuff is hit or miss. But even better, they’re giving it away for free! That’s where we really started to scratch our heads.

Apparently, the move to give away the film for free is part of an initiative started last year. Last year, a Polaroid rep was a judge for the Unsplash awards. Unsplash is a website that basically encourages photographers to give up their images for free. Companies can use your photos license-free, royalty-free, and attribution-free for whatever they want. Apparently, it made Polaroid have a change of heart, and so they want photographers to have their film for free too!

After securing a number of capital investment grants, the company just decided to make good with the traditional photography world. As a result, if you identify as Generation X or a Baby Boomer, you can get a single pack of free film. However, Millenials are allowed to receive as many as they wish. 

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s joke based on the fact that Polaroid seriously supported Unsplash, obviously. Don’t take it seriously.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.