The New Skylum Body Replacement AI Tool Targets Influencers

Using their Sky Replacement AI tool, Skylum is letting influencers completely change their body up!

Skylum changed the game a long time ago by incorporating AI into their Luminar software. Sky Replacement gave tons of influencers, Youtubers, Redditors, Instagrammers, and more lots of editing power. But today, Skylum is questionably going a bit further. Realizing the power of the influencer market, the company looks to take Adobe’s spot for editing. Loads of influencers do lots of body morphing on Instagram and other social media platforms. To that end, Skylum is looking to make the process more streamlined and automated with the new Skylum Body Replacement AI tool.

Skylum Body Replacement AI is more of a database-style. For those unaware, it’s similar to how Sony’s Animal face detection works. There’s a giant database, and it constantly references said database. Of course, that means that your computer needs a lot of processing power. So you’re going to need at least the latest Intel i9 processors. Skylum promises that Apple M1 support is coming before the summer–perfect for peak travel influence time.

Skylum Body Replacement AI Features

  • Skin detection: give your body a generous spray tan or the Michael Jackson effect.
  • Body Shape: choose from a variety of body shape templates then play plastic surgeon using a variety of brushes.
  • Beautify tool: a brand new tool that combines aspects of Photoshop’s Lasso and Liquify tools. Using the power of AI, you can avoid touching the surrounding areas. The AI will fill in those areas by understanding the surrounding pixels and surfaces.
  • Custom Presets: create your own presets and sell them to your audience. Skylum now includes easy integration into some of your favorite paid content platforms.

The new Skylum Body Replacement AI tool is currently in private beta testing, but they’ll begin to open up more starting April 15th.

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s joke. Don’t take it so seriously.

Lead image by Rachel Swallows and used with Creative Commons Commercial Permissions from Flickr.

Chris Gampat

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