For the Outdoor Photographer at $149: Promaster Jasper Halfpack Review

The Promaster Jasper Halfpack is a bag primarily for the outdoor photographer who likes to be organized.

For years, I’d known Promaster as one of the cheaper brands in the camera space. We’d never forged a press relationship with them and always went after the shiny brands who answer our messages. But then ProMaster reached out to us about the Promaster Jasper Halfpack. Being a camera bag guy, I was very intrigued. My closet is filled with them. And I often rotate them out for different needs. The Promaster Jasper Halfpack is targeted to be a middle of the line camera bag. It doesn’t have some of the higher-end features like a chest and waist strap. Those are meant for higher-end camera bags. But instead, it makes you put the tripod on the bottom–where it belongs. It’s also fantastic for organizing your camera gear. But no matter what, it’s also a bag designed to very specifically compartmentalize your gear. Where I’m used to putting things like a light and an extra camera in the top section, the Promaster Jasper Halfpack wants you to keep it down below. And if you put everything in its place, you start to really enjoy using it.

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A Confusing Backpack: Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack Review

As far as camera bags go, the Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack probably needs to go back to the drawing board.

Every now and again, I’ll get frustrated with camera bags and I’ll go on a shopping spree in search of yet another bag that I think will be perfect. So, I bought the Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack and was mostly disappointed by it and their lack of understanding of a photographers’ needs. This bag is mostly designed for those of us who use and shoot with mirrorless cameras: and that’s most of us. But, while in theory this is a fantastic camera bag, in practice there are enough little issues with it to annoy me.

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Here’s the $60 Trick for Adding Fog or Haze to an Outdoor Shoot

With this cheap trick, you’ll be on your way to shooting moody foggy photos and videos in any outdoor location in no time.

Got a cool idea for a moody and misty outdoor shoot but keep putting it off because you haven’t found the perfect foggy location yet or can’t get your timing right for those foggy days? Here’s a cheap and easy trick from Shutterstock Tutorials that will let you get those dreamy foggy shots whenever you need to, in your outdoor location of choice!

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Equipping The Outdoor Studio Portrait Photographer

This is a syndicated blog post from Digital Photo Pro Magazine. It is being republished here with permission.

There are lots of reasons to make portraits outdoors. First and foremost, you avoid the expense and space requirements of setting up a studio. And since most studios are equipped with artificial lighting and modifiers, there’s a lot of gear to buy, too. Outdoors, however, you’re given the gift of one of the most powerful and beautiful light sources around: the sun. And with the simplest tools—a white card as a reflector, for instance—you can learn to manipulate sunlight to gain studio-style lighting control outdoors.

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Kodak Alaris Launches a New Daylight Single Use Camera in Europe

Attention film photographers and disposable camera fans in Europe! You guys might want to check out your film dealers for a new daylight single use camera recently announced by Kodak Alaris.

Believe it or not, the good old disposable camera lives on. Kodak Alaris has released a treat for the growing number of film photographers and creatives celebrating its simplicity and vintage aesthetic. The company recently released a new single use camera for daylight outdoor use, loaded with 800 ISO film. Whether you’ve been shooting with disposable cameras for a while or have been wanting to pick up one again for your next trip or special occasion, this is definitely good news.

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The Langly Field Jacket Is Designed For Outdoor Photographers and Travelers

The Langly Field Jacket was designed with the photographer in mind

We always talk about photography specific bags and such, but have you ever considered a specialized jacket?

Langly has a long and rich history in the photography bag marketplace with their excellent offering of outdoor and travel focused bags that are both stylish and rugged. Now the company is venturing into a new market with their latest Kickstarter project, the Langly Field Jacket; which, as you may have guessed, is also a rugged yet stylish product designed for travelers and photographers. Continue reading…

The Best Camera Bags for Outdoor Photographers

What bag is the right bag for you? As with many things, it depends on what you need it for…

As photographers, we often need to have a lot of gear with us, and unless you have some awesome pockets from Dr. Who that are ‘bigger on the inside’ then you are likely in need of a bag of some sort with which to carry that gear around. The problem, as you are likely aware, is that there are so many options out there for photographers looking to carry everything from a small amount of gear to a larger amount of gear, that it can be really easy to be paralyzed by all of the options.

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The Best Zoom Lenses for Wildlife Photography at Every Budget

From the birds and the bees, to the lions, tigers and bears – these are the lenses you want to consider.

Wildlife photography is a fun hobby (and in some cases, profession) that has a unique set of requirements for those who are looking to do it seriously. One thing also remains the same, be it for photographing small animals like birds and squirrels in your backyard, to bull elk or elephants out in the wild – in wildlife photography, range is the name of the game. Continue reading…

The New Fujifilm XP130 Can Work Underwater Down to 65 Feet

The Fujifilm XP130 is the company’s latest tough camera.

If you’re one of those people who love to go underwater with a digital camera and want something more than your phone, then consider the new Fujifilm XP130. It’s the company’s latest tough camera touting the ability to shoot at 65 feet underwater. You can also drop it from 5.7 feet and expect it to work, as well as shoot with it at -14° F and it will still function according to Fujifilm’s claims. It’s doing all this with a 16.4MP 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor at the heart. In front of that heart is a 28-140mm f3.9-4.9 lens–which honestly seems pretty slow if you’re going to be shooting underwater. But at least it has image stabilization built in. It’s also just $229.95; which is super affordable for the adventure photographer. More details are after the jump.

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Cheap Photo: $51 Off Lovegrove’s Illumination II, 7 Days Only


Shooting outdoor portraits is the bread and butter of many portrait photographers; chances are at some point in time you are going to want to shoot some portraits outside, and if you don’t do it regularly you may find yourself fumbling about – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Damien Lovegrove’s Illumination II focuses on shooting outdoor portraits in a city environment and covers everything from natural light, to speedlights, modifiers, and using the light of the city itself to help create interesting portraits for your clients and your portfolio. His Illumination II video workshop normally sells for $80, but for the next 7 days PhotoWhoa has it $51 off. Definately worth considering if outdoor portraits in the city are something you would like to learn more about.

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Irene Rudnyk Shoots Beautiful Outdoor Portraits with a Cello

Running out of ideas for shooting portraits? Sometimes, all you need is a prop you can use as a major part of your portrait’s story. If you’ve been working in the studio for a while, you might want to bring your session outdoors to give your photos a scenic or even moody look. Case in point is the lovely session by Irene Rudnyk where she took portraits in natural light outdoors with her model holding a cello.

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Life in Focus: Tim Kemple on Shooting in the Wildest Locations

The Phoblographer Tim Kemple Life in Focus F-Stop Gear images (5 of 5)ISO 2001-800 sec at f - 4.5

Tim Kemple is an adventure photographer who recently partnered with F-Stop gear to create a series called, “Life in Focus.” He has shot campaigns for North Face, Black Diamond, and loads of others. Tim’s work has also been featured many times by Phase One as he takes his gear out to capture vast landscapes and death-defying scenes.

In between hikes, we had some time to chat with Tim about his work and the spirit of adventure.

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Review: F-Stop Gear Loka Adventure Camera Pack

Camera backpacks come in many flavors for many purposes, pretty much every manufacturer has some sort of backpack as it is a popular choice for many photographers. I’ve often steered away from most as they have lacked in three specific areas for me: comfort, storage and durability. F-Stop Gear has their Mountain Series of camera backpacks, and I’ve spent the last year and a half with one. Have my needs finally been met?

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