Classifieds: Free Things, Webinars Photographers Should Know About

The Classifieds are quick announcements sandwiched into a long blog post for photographers during the Coronavirus scare.

We’re rounding up some important news that we haven’t necessarily seen anywhere else into a single long blog post. It’s your briefing on a bunch of stuff you may find interesting. All of these are from photography companies. You can see the entire list below. Want to be featured? Send your event/offering with a description and links to chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com. We will only feature free things right now.

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How to Make Your Images Easier to Find Online


There are plenty of reasons why you want to be able to easily find your images online. One of the biggest ones is the fact that you can track where they’ve spread to (legally or illegally) and you can also see just how popular they are. Additionally, if someone Googles you or your business and wants to see the work that you’ve done, they can also look at Google Images or other search engines besides your websites to see your work.

Prepping your images for Search Engine Optimization is a completely different playing field than blog posts, website content or anything else.

To help you out, we’re going to share some of the secrets that we do to track our images online.

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Sharing is Caring: The Proper Way to Credit Photographers


Image by photographer James Douglas.

Editor’s Note: This is a syndicated blog post from Photographer James Douglas. It is being used with permission, as are all images in this post.

Here at TJDS, we have some pretty strict guidelines for utilizing and sharing the images that we create; the literature to explain our guidelines looks pretty daunting attached to an email, but we hope it isn’t taken that way. Our goal at the studio as well as around town is to educate everyone from artists just getting started to our clients (since one can be just as misinformed as the other on many issues) on the proper ways to credit and distribute creative work.

One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked aspects of the creative process is providing appropriate credit to the artist(s) who create. Another overlooked aspect is the need to respect artistic vision and not altering the art from it’s original form. Hopefully this post will mitigate a lot of unpleasant conversations about why an individual, company, celebrity, organization, etc. would need to give credit to the artist they are working with when utilizing original artwork. Why so much emphasis on artistic credit? Because there are so many ways proper credit can benefit our business and literally no way it could negatively impact a client’s. As a photographer the following points will largely apply to my chosen medium but what I’ll attempt to explain(without pissing too many people off) is fairly universal across the artistic spectrum.

So here goes.

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