This Very Rare “Fake Leica” Will Set You Back Almost $100,000

Anyone interested in getting a very rare and very expensive “Fake Leica”? 

Attention camera collectors and Leica fans, here’s something you probably don’t have in your collection yet. There’s an ebay listing for a “Fake Leica” so rare that it fetches an insane US $99,995. However, you can’t shoot with it as it’s actually a stainless steel sculpture made by Chinese artist Liao Yibai.

If there’s a camera that would literally be an expensive paperweight, this piece would definitely fit the bill. According to the listing by Netherlands based Leica Store Lisse, this item is a smaller version of the giant stainless “Fake Leica” sculpture by Liao Yibai. It weighs 40 kg, measures 44.8 x 76.2 x 48.9 cm, and has the serial number 8/12. It will also come in the wooden crate especially designed for shipping.

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Ricoh GR-E Reported to Have 36MP Curved Full Frame Sensor, 28mm f2.4 Lens

If the Ricoh GR-E is real, then it’s time to get really excited.

If you’re a fan of the film Ricoh cameras, then you’ll probably be all over the Ricoh GR-E. A while back we reviewed a little known camera *CLEAR SARCASM SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE RIGHT HERE* called the Ricoh GR II. It turned out to be a fantastic camera for street photography and for every day carry situations. Fans and I have been wondering if there would ever be an update. I have to tell you, it looked pretty dismal.

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This Leica and Angenieux Combo is a Match Made for the Super Rich

Here’s another vintage camera combo to make Leica fans swoon.

For many photographers, Leicas are already among the most expensive gear to have today. When you pair a critically acclaimed model from the 1980s with a rare Parisian portrait lens, you’ll have a vintage match made for a super rich photographer. Case in point is a Leica M4-P with a Angenieux Paris 90mm f/1.8 Type P1 lens that was recently listed on ebay.

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Leica CCD-Gate Woes Continue Even To This Day

Leica is showing that their customer service falls way behind their luxury pricetag.

You would not be thought down on if you had forgotten about Leica’s CCD-Gate problem with their M9 family of cameras and the CCD sensors that are housed within them. It has been a long time since all of that business went down, but if you happen to be an M9 owner the issue never truly went away. Earlier this year Leica announced that after August 15th, 2017 the free CCD replacement program the company implemented to mitigate the problem would end for cameras purchased more than 5 years ago.

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The US Military Issue Leica KE-7A is Yours for $24,898.85

Fancy and rare, is the US military issue Leica KE-7A in your vintage camera collection?

Are you a vintage camera collector or military history buff with some space in your shelves and some loads of cash to spare? There’s a rare Military Version Leica KE-7A currently up for grabs on ebay that you can add to your collection.

The black Leica KE-7A, in great condition, posted by ebay seller mkkamera_us can be yours for a whopping US $24,898.85. This actually seems like a good deal, if you consider the fact that there was once a mint and sealed complete set that went for a staggering US $45,000 as we reported last year.

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The Impact of Social Media in Photography (And Popularity)

This is a syndicated blog post from Street Silhouettes. This blog post and images are being syndicated from Horatio Tan with exclusive permissions.

Often times, I’ve been asked why Anna doesn’t pose… or rather, why she doesn’t pose like a model on this blog. In a manner of speaking, Anna isn’t functioning in the capacity of a model, which is why she’s not posing like one. Frankly, it wouldn’t make sense for her to do something like that. When someone poses – like a model – what they’re really doing is optimizing the presentation of a given photo opportunity. But in doing that, something happens to the image capture, which makes it look manufactured.

Early on, I knew I didn’t want to present that look for this blog. From my perspective, staging photo opportunities with deliberate poses have become all too common in our curated world of “insta-perfection”. But that is understandable, given how social media has changed the way we approach photography. It’s no longer enough that we take good photos. Now, we also want it to be liked. The more our photos are liked on social media, the more affirmation we get that our photos are good – that being the conventional wisdom.

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The Leica Noctilux-M 75mm f1.25 ASPH Has All The Bokeh for $12,795

The Leica Noctilux-M 75mm f1.25 ASPH is bound to appeal to portrait photographers

It’s been some time since we’ve seen a truly super fast aperture lens from Leica, but today we’re getting the new Leica Noctilux-M 75mm f1.25 ASPH. This lens is designed for M mount cameras; but with a depth of field so shallow at f1.25 when shot wide open, I’d really ensure that your camera’s rangefinder is calibrated to the absolute best that it can be. It’s bound to appeal to portrait photographers and those who like Leica M mount lenses and then adapt them to their other camera systems will really appreciate what’s possible here. Leica lenses have always been incredibly sharp and gorgeous in their renditions, but they’re also really only been able to be fully realized by their own cameras because of the way that rangefinders work and how the light travels through their own lenses.

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Review: Leica CL Digital (Starring the New Leica 18mm f2.8)

The Leica CL digital is finally here; and it performs admirably.

The Leica CL digital is a camera I’ve been waiting a while for; almost 10 years now. But if you rewinded back to the technology world 10 years ago, you saw that mirrorless cameras weren’t even a thing yet, and the Leica M9 hadn’t even launched. Indeed, many photographers have been waiting for a Leica CL digital–something like an M series camera but smaller, more affordable and well built. The newly announced Leica CL digital has design cues harkening back to the original M series cameras but fully embracing the L mount system that is shared between the Leica TL series and the Leica SL series of cameras. With that said, the Leica CL digital houses an APS-C sensor at the heart. So while it isn’t an M mount camera or a full frame camera, it indeed does show Leica has been paying attention to folks.

The Leica CL digital performs very well in most situations; but I think my sentiment is shared with other Leica users that some sort of small M series camera would have been ideal.

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Review: Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

I genuinely, highly applaud the small business and entrepreneurial spirits of the American manufacturing world in regards to cameras; and so when the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap I was very keen to give it a try. Jason, who creates the straps and sent me an inquiry about them, stated that he designed them for Fujifilm camera users primarily but that they can work well with all sorts of mirrorless cameras. The strap is made of military-grade materials and is designed with simplicity in mind.

While the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap nails functionality really well, it’s pretty ugly; and I’m really wondering if it belongs on my Leica CL.

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Making the Most of Mirrorless Cameras: An Introduction

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing magical about the mirror in traditional SLR cameras. While it performs a very specific function, the mirror isn’t required to take a photograph, and plenty of cameras in the pre- and post-digital eras already operate mirror-free. The rangefinder camera, for example, popularized by high-end manufacturer Leica, doesn’t use a mirror, relies on a viewfinder that’s separate from the lens. Compact digital cameras, the types you might stick in your pocket for vacation, also don’t use a mirror (although we’ll be talking about these types of cameras in a separate section).

While the design of the SLR camera is an elegant solution to some key issues with optics and physics, the fact that today’s cameras are still using roughly the same mechanical design as they were using around the end of the Korean War is staggering when you consider how other technology has evolved.

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Review: Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release Buttons

Fujifilm and Leica camera owners may really appreciate the Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release buttons.

Though they may seem like just jewelry, the Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release buttons have a fair amount of functionality to them as well as customization. You should know first and foremost that they’re made of Sterling Silver. That may sound a bit too bourgeois for some folks, but if you’re into customizations and a bit of the tactile experience, then you’ll understand how these can be really nice. For the uninitiated, soft shutter release buttons make the experience of pushing your camera shutter easier with less effort but without making them more sensitive. That doesn’t sound like such a big task until you actually experience it in person. I’d liken the experience to using an actual keyboard vs the one that you’ve got on the touchscreen device that many of you are using to read this blog post. There surely is a difference. I’d hate to write a long, essay format email on my iPhone 8 Plus but on my iMac’s Keyboard that would be significantly simpler to do. Synonymously, hammering a camera shutter over and over again can put some wear and tear on your fingers and hands in combination with typing on your phone, typing on a computer, etc.

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More Vintage Revivals, Leica Announces New Thambar-M 90mm F2.2

The Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 may make you fall in love with vintage optics all over again

Can any vintage or ‘legendary’ camera brands, products, or services of the past who are interested in being revived for modern photographers please raise their hands? We need to get a head count because it seems 2017 is the year of the revival in the photography world and that trend continues here today with Leica’s announcement of their ‘new’ Thambar-M 90mm F2.2. Continue reading…

I Find Fashion Photography So Boring; But Not Street Photography

For work I shoot commercial and fashion photography and really, it is so fucking boring. So in my own time I just love to photograph humanity. I want to turn the mundane into something beautiful. I think this helps me cope with life, making the ordinary extraordinary. I have a Leica Q and like to take my camera out when I walk my dog every day. At school I wanted to paint photos realistically but I was crap, so I figured I could just take photos instead. I really enjoyed it and got a rush from the results and I just never stopped.

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Report Claims Zenit’s Upcoming D1 Full Frame Mirrorless To Be Repackaged Leica M9

We have previously reported on Russian camera maker Zenit and their return to the market, as well as their rumored mirrorless camera projects. The company made waves when it was revealed that they were working on a full frame mirrorless system, raising eyebrows because to this point Sony remains the only player in that game besides Leica. Well, now we are getting new reports that this upcoming Zenit D1 mirrorless camera could be nothing more than the repackaged and repurposed guts of a Leica M9. A move that would be very interesting considering the history of other attempted rebrands.

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This SUPER FREAKIN’ COOL Leica CL Dealer Poster is For Auction at the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction in November

Screenshot taken from the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction catalog

The Leica CL is arguably one of the most popular Leica cameras due to its affordability, so the film geeks in the audience are going to truly appreciate this Leica CL Dealer Poster available at the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction coming this November. The auction is famous for finding and selling some of the coolest stuff to the highest bidders. I’ve seen some extremely rare Leica pieces auctioned off there and in November this year, they’re auctioning off this and a few other really cool pieces from Zeiss, Leitz, and so much more.

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5 Compact Film Cameras Used by Professional Photographers Today

Compact film cameras are a great thing for any photographer to be able to throw in their bag. More often than not, they’re more durable than digital cameras and they use good old film–which is bound to give you great results you cannot get with digital if you’re doing it right. Believe it or not, there are professional photographers who today still use some film cameras in order to get a different look from what everyone else is doing out there. The results are often fantastic and even the likes of VICE have done projects where they’ve given disposable cameras to photographers for special situations. Indeed, these cameras are still very good and if a professional photographer can create great results with them, there is no reason why you can’t.

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Fotodiox Pro’s New PRONTO Adapter Gives Your Vintage Lenses AF on Sony Mirrorless

Feature Image Screengrab from Video. Credit to Fotodiox Pro

It is no secret that one of the best advantages of mirrorless over traditional DSLR systems is the ease of adapting various lenses to your camera. You can use really old vintages lenses for a unique look and feel with ease, but the one thing you always give up when you use these old lenses is Auto Focus – but Fotodiox Pro doesn’t want that to be the case anymore (at least on Sony mirrorless) thanks to their new PRONTO lens adapter. Continue reading…

The Leica H: A Little Leica Camera That Never Got Made

All images “Photo (c) Lars Netopil Classic Cameras, Wetzlar“ Used with permission.

The story of the Leica H is a rather unfortunate one that in many ways, makes me question how it would have affected the camera manufacturing industry. Imagine being so committed to a creation of yours: treating it almost like a special part of you only to know that while the idea is pretty fantastic, it just won’t make it into the world because of problems that are completely out of your control. You’d be destroyed–and that’s exactly how Adam Wagner felt when he learned that Leica would essentially be crushing his dreams. Many photographers and resellers can speak with great detail about the history of the R series, the M series and even the company’s other cameras like their film point and shoots. But as I discovered in over two years of research, not much is really known about the Leica H.

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Emily Garthwaite: Coffee Growing from the Yayu Wildforest in Ethiopia

All images and text by Emily Garthwaite. Used with permission.

I wanted to share with you a series from Yayu Wildforest in Ethiopia that I produced in collaboration with Union Roasted coffee, Kew Gardens and the Darwin Trust. As one of the last remaining mountain forest fragments of Arabica coffee (the origin for the world’s most popular coffee), the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere in Ethiopia is vital for its preservation and conservation. To prevent further damage to the forest or loss of coffee species, the local communities need to have other sustainable livelihood options.

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Cheap Photo: Panasonic and Fujifilm Headline This Week’s Savings

Last week it was some Fujifilm deals (which are still active by the way) and this week it’s Panasonic savings. If you are into video there is no doubt that you have at least considered some Panasonic gear for your kit, and if you were holding out now is a great time to jump on that bandwagon thanks to some nice camera and lens deals you can take advantage of…

  • Panasonic GH4 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00I9GYG8O’ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’603e8ef3-7616-11e7-97bd-2f81f34efa6d’])
  • Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00J8H7H48′ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6b4547bb-7616-11e7-a3e2-21c76d73ab87′])
  • Panasonic FZ1000 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00KOUIBZW’ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’74740d57-7616-11e7-842b-67f5a61eb43b’])
  • Panasonic Lumix G 42.5mm F1.7 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00VQ2CZQ8′ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’813c9a51-7616-11e7-98e1-69665cc05b0e’])
  • Panasonic Lumix GX8 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B011B8QW38′ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8a46991d-7616-11e7-9df2-6141919cea98′])

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Review: Gaffers Tape/Electrical Tape (A Photographer’s Best Friend)

There’s absolutely no doubting that gaffers tape and electrical tape have been used by photographers for years now. The tape has helped with a multitude of situations: covering up logos to make their camera more low profile, keeping a battery in a camera because the camera’s battery door fell off and you don’t have the money to replace it, adding grip to a lens or camera, building a GoBo for a light, attaching a gel to a flash, securing a flash to an unconventional spot, etc. Just look at most Leica cameras and you’ll see gaffers tape on it. Indeed, it’s true that photographers have used it over and over again for years for almost anything and everything.

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