Astrophotography Basics That Will Serve Newcomers Well This Season

Astrophotography is incredibly fun, and capturing subjects like the Milky Way is easier than you think.

Have you ever wanted to capture stunning pictures of the night sky but weren’t really sure what you need to do? If so, this beginner’s guide to astrophotography is for you. This quick guide will look at astrophotography basics and cover things such as camera settings and the 500 rule. We’ll also take a quick look at how to plan your shoot and how to stack images. So, if you’re ready to try your hand at astrophotography, head on past the break.

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Start Off The New Year With a Good Photography Book In Your Hands

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After the year we had in 2020, we all need to strive to make 2021 a better one. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in yourself. There’s always room to learn new skills, and new techniques. It’s great to read about photography culture too. You can learn about landscape photography with Scott Kelby for just $20,13. You can master posing with help from Lindsay Adler for only $23.99 or you can learn 75 reasons why you should hit the streets with your camera. It’s just $30. Bruce Barnbaum’s The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression is just $28.99. The Heart of the Photograph: 100 Questions for Making Stronger, More Expressive Photographs is only $27.49. Make a new years commitment to read a photography book. Check out the deals after the break.

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Become A Master Of Nude Photography Quickly ($69), and More (NSFW)

Dan Hecho’s nude photography masterclass is just one of the spectacular photography tutorials we have found for you.

We have found some incredible deals on presets, guides, photography tutorials, and photography software! If you’ve always wanted to learn about the challenging, but rewarding world of nude photography, check out this guide from Dan Hecho. Dan’s nude photography masterclass is on sale for just $69. Fix any sky in any photo with this easy to use collection of sky replacements. It’s on sale for just $29! Tired of messing around with the cutout tool in Photoshop? CutOut 8 Pro makes this task easy, and it’s only $29! We’ve also found a deal for Affinity users too! Just $29.95 will score you over 2,000 Affinity presets! And we’ve found deals on Lightroom tips and tricksphotoshop actions, and more photography software. Check out the nude photography tutorial that’s on sale, and much more, after the break.

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$29 Or Less: Big Savings on Photography Guides, Presets, More

lightroom presets

Learn, create, and grow with these photography guides, preset bundles, and more, which all cost $29 or less!

Are you ready to take your photo editing skills to the next level? Do you want to learn new skills and expand your knowledge? If you answered yes, these deals on photography guides, presets, and actions are for you. You can pick up over 5,000 Lightroom presets for just $29, over 2,500 photoshop actions for $29, and 60 retouching actions from Nino Batista for $29. Want to master long exposures? This guide for $29 will teach you all you need to know, and this Lightroom tutorial will have you editing like a pro in no time at all for just $29. We have also found a deal on DeNoise software that will make noise in your images vanish, and it’s only $14! Join us after the break to see all of the deals on photography guides, presets, software, and more.

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Which Is Best for Portraits? 50mm or 85mm Prime Lenses? Let’s Find Out

It’s a trick question as both prime lenses are great, but you need to know when to use each one and what their strengths are.

There are two prime lenses that both new and seasoned portrait photographers will always reach for, and they are 50mm primes and 85mm primes. Both of these lenses have great qualities, and even though the focal range is not massively different, they will both produce vastly different results and they both have the best use cases. After the break, we will take a quick look at both lenses and help you understand when each should be used.

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Portrait Photography: The Differences Between 85mm and 135mm Primes

lightroom presets

Both 85mm and 135mm lenses are great for portrait photography, but each has particular uses.

Ask any photographer about the lenses they use for portraits, and more than likely, they will come back to you with the same answer. The 85mm and 135mm focal lengths have been go-to options for portrait photography for many years, and for good reasons, but how do you decide between the two, and what are the most significant differences between them? After the break, we will take a quick look at both prime lenses and list the pros and cons of each so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

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Save $105 and Learn the Art of Nude Photography for Just $69 (NSFW)

nude photography

If you want to master nude photography, this photography tutorial is for you.

If you’ve always wanted to break out into the field of nude photography, but you have not had any idea where to start, this deal is for you. For just a short while, you can learn all about nude photography from one of the leaders in this space, Dan Hecho, for only $69! This photography tutorial is going to teach you the theory behind nude photography, how to capture stunning images, and how to retouch those images so that they always look their best. Join us after the break to learn more. Be warned, there are some NSFW images.

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Join Skip Cohen University and the Likes of Scott Kelby for Free Webinars

Skip Cohen University

Starting today, the free afternoon Skip Cohen University webinars will remotely connect photographers of all skillsets with leaders in the industry.

Being stuck inside is no fun for anyone, but there are some things we can do to help pass the time. Learning new skills is one way to make the most of the extra time you may now have on your hands, and Skip Cohen University is offering up free lunchtime webinars with the likes of Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and Anne Geddes. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Cheap Photo: 2 Free Photography Masterclasses, Save with Joel Grimes!

photography lessons

We’ve got everything from FREE Photography tutorials to affordable courses for passionate photographers from some of the very best teachers around.

Investing in ourselves is one of the best things we can do. If we are not continually learning, we are falling behind, and in today’s ultra-competitive world of photography, we simply cannot afford to let that happen. We are so excited to bring you some of the best photography tutorials from some true greats! You can register for a FREE live photography masterclass with Thorsten Von Overgaard, in which you will learn how to become a master storyteller. You can also sign up for another FREE masterclass with Chris Orwig, who will show you how to capture emotions, produce artistic images, and master natural light. We also have a special deal for you from Joel Grimes. If you want to become a master of one light photography, you can get his course for just $57, and you can register for his FREE masterclass and receive two free gifts as well. Come and check out all the photography tutorials and more freebies after the break. 

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How to Check and Clean Your Camera Sensor Safely and Easily

Take control of the dust that loves to live on your camera sensor.

If you have owned a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera for any amount of time, we are sure you’re well aware of how annoying and sometimes costly dust can be. Dust loves electronics, and your camera sensor is not excluded from its list of things to invade. Have no fear, though, as this quick guide will show you not only how to check for dust on your camera sensor, but how to clean your camera sensor too.

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Cheap Photo: Save an Extra 20% on Industry Leading Presets and Guides

The extra 20% off these Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and guides make already incredible deals that much sweeter.

If you want to make life easier during post, we recommend you incorporate presets, actions, and overlays into your workflow. These tools will help you create clean, consistent images both you and your clients will love. You can get over 2,500 Lightroom presets for just $29 (plus take an additional 20% off), and you can pick up over 14,000 Photoshop actions for only $39 (don’t forget about that extra 20% off)! This bundle will help you do just about anything you could ever dream of. If you want to learn some new skills check out the guides and tutorials on sale too. Remember, you can take an additional 20% off all the prices you see after the break just by using the code FRENZY20 during checkout. See a handful of Photoshop actions and overlays, Lightroom presets, and guides on sale at Photowhoa after the break. Continue reading…

Flash Sale: Save up to 75% on Complete LR, PS, Capture One Guides

capture one pro 12

These are the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for these photography software guides. Hurry though because the sale ends on July 18th!

Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One 12 are immense programs that can do so much, and honestly, they can be a little overwhelming at times. While we all know the basics of the software, I’m sure we would all love to know how to get the most out of our chosen software. Photography software guides are often expensive, but right now you can get the very best guides on the planet from Creative Live for up to 75% off. The Complete Adobe Lightroom CC guide is just $49 (Reg $199). The Complete Photoshop CC guide is only $49 (reg $199), and the Complete Capture One 12 Guide is only $59 (reg $99). The sale ends on July 18th, so hurry and snap up these deals and become editing masters on the cheap. We have more details after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Take 50% Off of All Creative Live Classes! (Ends Today)

capture one pro 12

This huge Creative Live sale ends at the end of the day on July 3rd so hurry and grab the classes you want.

There are considerable savings to be had over at Creative Live right now. If you want to learn some new skills from some of the top names in photography, and save a ton of money, act fast so that you can save 50% on every class that Creative Live offers. Want to learn everything there is to know about Capture One 12? The price is $99, but you can save 50% today only. Photoshop more your thing?  The 30 Days of Photoshop course is also just $99, but again, you can take half off that price! You can learn about lighting with Peter Hurley, posing with Lindsay Adler, and you can learn all about street photography, environmental portraits, wedding photography and more. This Creative Live site wide sale is enormous. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: 4,000 LR Presets for $39; Intro to Flash for $29!

photography tutorials

Take your photography to the next level by learning from the very best with these lessons and photography tutorials.

Increasing our knowledge, and spending more time behind the camera; these are two things we all strive to do, and with these photography tutorials, and presets you can do both. Do you want to become better at flash photography? The Introduction To Flash For Children & Family Images by Mike Hagen is only $29! That’s a bargain for 24 HD video lessons! You can save 86% off of 4,000 Lightroom presets with the 4,000 Unique Lightroom Preset Bundle which costs just $39, and you can take control of Photoshop with the 49 Photoshop Retouching Actions Bundle which is only $49!  Join us after the break to see the crazy deals on photography tutorials, presets and actions we have found for you. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save an Extra 20% on Stunning Presets, Overlays, Tutorials

photography software

You can get these amazing tutorials, and photography software deals for next to nothing, but you’ll have to act fast.

Have you been wanting to expand your photography knowledge? Do you want to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop in half the time that it takes now? We have found some amazing photography software and tutorials deals for you. Between April 19th and April 24th you can take an extra 20%  off of already ridiculously cheap, yet high quality photography software, and guides. You can get 4,000 Lightroom presets for just $39! You can grab 50 Easter Photo Overlays for only $15, 1850 Photoshop Actions for $29, and the ultimate guide to jump starting your commercial photography business is only $29. Remember you can take an extra 20% off of these prices too! Come on in to see all the deals! Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Master Landscape Photography With These Guides, Presets

landscape photography

Become a master at landscape photography with these heavily discounted guides, tutorials, and presets. 

If you have always dreamed of being able to capture gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and stunning mountain shots, but have never really known where to begin these guides, tutorials and presets are for you. With the bundles we have found for you, you’ll become a landscape photography master in no time at all. What’s even better is that the bundles have been heavily discounted for a limited time. You can grab 100 Lightroom presets that will make your landscape images sing for just $19, and you can learn all the tricks of the trade with the Learn The Art of Landscapes video series which is just $29! Come on in and see all the other landscape photography deals. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save up to 96% on these Photography Tutorials and Presets

Photography tutorials

These photography tutorials, software, and presets are some of the best around, and they are priced just right!

Investing in yourself is one of the best things we can do. As photographers we always need to be learning, we always need to open up new doorways, and we need to explore new paths if we want to be the photographer we truly want to be. With these photography tutorials, software, and Lightroom presets you will be able to elevate your work to new heights, and you can gain confidence in many different areas. Learn how to master a model shoot with Frank Doorhof for just $49. Learn how to create dramatic portraits with Michael Grecco for only $12, and score over 8,000 professional quality Lightroom presets for only $29! That’s a massive saving of 96% off the original price!  Continue reading…

A Beginner’s Guide to Astrophotography and The Gear Needed to Succeed


Astrophotography is one of the most rewarding genres of photography, and it’s really not as difficult as you might think.

When we think about astrophotography, we often think about creating a sense of wanderlust and awe that we’re all experiencing when we see the photos. I mean, have you ever wanted to be able to capture stunning pictures of the night sky but weren’t really sure what you needed to do, and didn’t really know what equipment you would need? If so this beginner’s guide to astrophotography is for you. In this guide we will take a look at the basics of astrophotography and will cover things such as camera settings, the 500 rule, how to stack images, and we will take a look at the gear you’ll need to create out of this world Milky Way and night sky images.

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The Masters of Photography Releases Free Videos to Nourish Your Soul

The free video vault over at the Masters of Photography will inspire you to no end.

If you’re looking for a source of inspiration you’ll love what the guys and gals over at Masters of Photography have assembled. Whether you want to find out about ‘The Decisive Moment’ from Henri Cartier-Bresson, or have wondered how Martin Hartley captures stunning images from his Polar expeditions, the Masters of Photography has your back. After the break learn more about how you can watch more than a dozen inspiring videos that feature some of the greatest photographers of our time for free. Continue reading…

How to use Positive and Negative Space to Improve Photo Composition

Photo composition and the balance between positive and negative space in your images can alter the tone of the story you’re trying to tell quite dramatically.

Photo composition is one of the very first things what all budding photographers need to get a firm understanding of. You can learn how to shoot in manual mode, but if you never develop the ability to compose a shot, learn about the rule of thirds and other composition skills you’re not going to get far. After a break we have a video that explores the difference between positive and negative space, and why both are so vitally important when it comes to photography and story telling.

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Cheap Photo: $250 off EOS R! 5D Mk4 for $1,999.99! 6,000 PS Overlays for $39

If you’re not done with your holiday shopping you should check out these camera deals before it’s too late.

If you’re still hunting for great camera deals and savings on software, guides, and accessories, you’re going to want to check out this post. You can save $250 on the brand new Canon EOS R, pick up the Canon 5D Mk IV for under two grand, A Sony A7R II for $1,598, and the Sony A7R III for $2,549.99. Looking for pro grade Lightroom Presets and Photoshop overlays? The buy one get two free Lightroom bundle that has over 16,000 presets is just $39, and the buy one get two free Photoshop overlays bundle with over 6,000 overlays is also just $39. Save $80 on a Sypder5 Elite Screen Calibrator, and pick up a Samsung 128GB SD Card for $19.99. If you have been on the fence about these deals now’s the time to act. They’ll be gone quicker than the cookies you leave out for Santa. Check out all the deals after the break.

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