This Mamiya 645 AF Kit is a Great Way to Get into Medium Format

If you’ve ever wanted to get into medium format cameras and have a single one to stick with you, then this is it. Lots of photographers say that you should get a 6×7 format camera. But the truth is that you can still make great work with a 645 camera. As a matter of fact, everyone that touts the 6×7 format would probably not mind owning a Contax 645. But if you’re not ready for that sort of plunge, there’s the Mamiya 645 AF in the Rare Camera Store. It’s in great condition, and photographers have used the lenses to do fantastic photos.

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It’s Really Hard to Find Good Canon Gear at the Prices We Found. Check This Out

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There are times when it’s really hard to get your hands on Canon cameras. Everyone has supply issues right now because of how hard components are to come by. So we found a bunch of renewed gear from Canon for you. Renewed is pretty much refurbished gear. Refurbished is my personal preference. It goes through more rigorous quality control tests and is often more affordable. Want a new camera? Check this out!

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The Killer Family Portrait Kit for Canon Photographers

It’s time to get more serious about your family portraits, Canon photographers!

Shooting family portraits, either for yourself or for paid clients, is a common task for photographers to be enlisted into doing.  But if you are new to family portraits, or to photography in general, maybe you are finding yourself wondering about what sort of kit you should have if you want to be doing more family portraits. Maybe you usually specialize in sports photography or landscape photography and your cousin Jane asked you to take care of the family reunion portraits this year.

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Cheap Photo: 9,000 Lightroom Preset Bundle for Under $40

You dump loads of photos into Lightroom and as a result, trying to edit each one is quite time-consuming.

Adobe Lightroom presets are a huge help in getting to that final look fast. Get 9,000 Lightroom Presets for only $39. While 9,000 presets is an insane amount to manage, it’s all organized into categories such as Cinematic, Faded, and Duotone. So here’s a tip; use ACR to test out your favorite presets, then only install those in Adobe Lightroom. If you’re using Lightroom on your mobile device, give it a few minutes and your new presets will sync up giving you some major editing power on the go.

Get the attention your work deserves with these amazing 9000 different Lightroom presets, all for just $39
Limited time offer

Even more deals are after the jump,

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The Best Camera Bags for Outdoor Photographers

What bag is the right bag for you? As with many things, it depends on what you need it for…

As photographers, we often need to have a lot of gear with us, and unless you have some awesome pockets from Dr. Who that are ‘bigger on the inside’ then you are likely in need of a bag of some sort with which to carry that gear around. The problem, as you are likely aware, is that there are so many options out there for photographers looking to carry everything from a small amount of gear to a larger amount of gear, that it can be really easy to be paralyzed by all of the options.

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HEX Launches Spring Collection with New DSLR Backpacks

There are bags out there for every type of photographer, and even some for photographers that don’t exist anymore!

It seems like a never ending struggle as a photographer is to find the ideal camera bag to carry everything you need in a way that you prefer to carry it, along with whatever accessories and whatever else you want to carry with it. I know I had discussions with my ex-wife where I was not allowed to get any more camera bags until I cleaned out a closet full of the ones I was already not using. Bag envy, or more like ‘bag lust’ if you will, is real.

HEX has announced their Spring Grid Collection and it comes complete with two brand new ‘Matte Olive’ DSLR backpacks. The units are designed to be stylish, yet minimalistic; all while still being sufficient to carry your kit safely from point A to point B. Continue reading…

The Platypod Ultra Wants to Replace Tripods For Photographers

The Platypod Ultra is an evolution of the original Platypod–which is designed to let photographers and videographers travel lighter without tripods and to also let their cameras get into spots where tripods don’t necessarily excel. But at the same times, photographers who don’t use tripods but instead use their environment may see value in the flat surface and stability that something like the Platypod can deliver. The Platypod Ultra is the latest offering from the company and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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Photographer’s Toolbox: Portrait Photography Gear Essentials (Besides Cameras and Lenses)

Chances are many of you reading this are portrait photographers, or want to be portrait photographers. Being one of the most popular photography disciplines, there is a plethora of information on the web to help you decide on the best camera and lens combinations for you and your budget – but what about the other stuff?

Today we are talking another look into the Photographer’s Toolbox and shedding some light on the non-camera/lens gear essentials for portrait photographers. Enjoy!
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After The Kit: 6 Incredible Lens Upgrades For The Micro Four Thirds Photographer

Micro four thirds is such an interesting system in that we have this situation where both Panasonic and Olympus lenses work on each others cameras, and each come with their own pros and cons. This can make things a little confusing for new micro four thirds owners, but in reality it makes this system incredibly flush with great upgrade potential, and so today we are going to be looking at some of our picks for the top micro four thirds lenses to consider upgrading to after your kit lens.

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Cheap Kits: An Intermediate Nikon DSLR Starter Kit

If you are serious enough about photography to know that you will outgrow out of a low level Nikon D3xxx or D5xxx series body, then this is a kit for you.

The Nikon D7200, while not Nikon’s top APS-C offering (thanks to the release of the D500 this year) is still in the mid-upper echelon of APS-C cameras on the market, and makes for a great camera for a serious enthusiast or someone looking to go pro on a budget. Our lens recommendations for this kit is the Nikon 35mm F/1.8G, and the Nikon 50mm F/1.8G. The 35mm will offer you that classic 50mm field of field of view that is great for portraits and just walking around, while the 50mm will be great for portraits and when you need a little extra telephoto push. As far as accessories, since the D7200 has two card slots we recommend a pair of these Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards which are fast and offer good capacity, we also recommend this sturdy Zomei tripod to help you keep things steady.

More deals are after the jump.

Cheap Kits is our new weekly Thursday theme in which we will create system theme kits from items on our deal list including a camera, lens(es), and notable accessories. Each week will feature a different brand, and our full Cheap Photo deal listing is still available at the end of the post.

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Win a Sony A7 Kit and MeFOTO Roadtrip Tripod From The Phoblographer and MeFOTO


The Phoblographer and MeFOTO are INCREDIBLY excited to announce our latest giveaway together. We’re giving away a Sony A7 kit and a MeFOTO Roadtrip tripod in any color of your choice. We’ve got a really simple contest and one lucky winner will have an even brighter holiday season with these two fabulous products in their hands.

So how do you win? Head on past the jump to see.

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Review: Lomography Micro Four Thirds Experimental Lens Kit

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Lomography Micro Four Thirds Lens Kit review product photos (4 of 4)ISO 4001-25 sec at f - 4.5

In recent years, the Lomography company has been trying to do a couple of things to appeal more to the digital crowd. There was the scanner, the Petzval lens, and now there is a set of lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras. No, these aren’t made from glass. In fact, they’re as quirky as most other Lomography products that you’ll get your hands on. But we’d be doing a great injustice to the products if we said that they aren’t fun. In fact, these lenses push the creative edge more than any other Micro Four Thirds product out there.

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Essentials: The Street Fashion Blogger

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials the Street Fashion Blogger (1 of 8)ISO 8001-60 sec at f - 3.5

Essentials is a series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend. 

They appear all over the web: street fashion blogs and images are the thing of Tumblr and Instagram amongst many of the images that you see on Pinterest. The street fashion world is one of finding cool locations out in the busy streets of a city and capture a moment that looks candid. And to do that, you don’t need the most sophisticated of gear. However, the details and a vision can surely help.

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New Firmware for the Canon 5D Mk III and There’s a new Kit Lens as Well

Canon EOS 5DmkIII

Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.3 has been released with the following improvements:

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the flash may not fire depending on the timing of when the shutter button is pressed.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the AF microadjustment value may change.*
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the LCD monitor may show a line of false color along boundaries of high contrast.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the histogram of a LiveView image is incorrectly displayed when an HDMI cable is connected.
  • Enables the brightness of the camera’s LCD monitor to be adjusted even when an HDMI cable is connected.
  • * The phenomenon listed in 2 was addressed with Firmware Version 1.2.1, and has been further improved with Firmware Version 1.2.3.

Firmware Version 1.2.3 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.2.1. Download: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.3

There is also new kit lens for the Canon 5D III is the Canon Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L. The kit should available soon at B&H. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera Kit with Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L is marked as a new item.

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Essentials: The Compact Comic Con Photo Kit

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials The Compact Comic Con Kit (5 of 5)ISO 2001-160 sec

Essentials is a series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

If you’re on the West Coast, Comic Con has happened already this year. But if you’re on the East Coast, you’re probably ready to lick a nerd to get your weekend pass. One trend that we saw for years and years was that folks tended to bring better and better cameras. And last year was when lots of folks started coming out and bringing the heavy artillery–we did too!. If you don’t feel like you’re up to having huge light setups, then consider our setup two years ago that earned us these photos.

Our setup was mobile, effective when used by someone that has become one with their gear, and can earn you quite a bit of photos worthy of your portfolio.

And with some time to go still until NYCC, you can probably save up to get all of this relatively soon.

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Samyang Announces New 16mm T2.2 Cinema Lens and Cine Lens Kit Case


Samyang and Rokinon (who are the same brand) have been creating cinema lenses for a relatively short time now. But they’ve got loads of lenses in the roster by mostly converting their current lens lineup into a clickless aperture body with more of a focus throw. They’ve recently converted their newly announces 16mm f2 lens to a cinema lens: the 16mm T2.2. The lens has 13 elements in 11 groups and is designed for APS-C sensor cameras. The lens has an ED lens element, aspherical element and hybrid-aspherical lens element as well as an anti-reflection UMC coating.

They’re specifically stating that the lens will be available in Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Sony E, Canon M, Fujifilm X and Olympus MFT. They probably meant EF-S, since EF is a full frame mount.

And if you decide to go for their entire kit of lenses, the company will offer you something like a Pelican case. The cases come in two sizes with the bigger one able house a set of six camera lenses: Samyang V-DSLR 8mm T3.8 UMC Fish-eye CS II; 14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC; 24mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC; 35mm T1.5 AS IF UMC; 85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC and 500mm f/6.3 DX Mirror. The smaller one is designed for three: 14mm, 24mm and the 35mm.

The lenses are available at Adorama, B&H Photo and Amazon.

The Rhino Rig Is a Brand New Kickstarter Backed Rig With a Seriously Cool Demo Video


The Rhino Rig appeared on Kickstarter recently and though already receiving full funding, is still quite a feat of engineering. The company is claiming that it is the first completely modular, fully adjustable camera rig. And to be honest, we’re positive that it really is given how many configurations they have set up on their website. I don’t even want to imagine all the sleepless nights that the design team put into it.

For starters, it is a shoulder rig–but, well, it’s actually more than that. It’s made up of four pieces: the Base Kit, the Rail System, the Cage, and the Rhino Rest. The rest looks especially comfortable because of the way that it conforms to your shoulder. It’s designed to fit every type of camera you can think of–which is nice for people who actually shoot for a living.

They’re not exactly stating what it’s built out of, but the rail system is made of carbon fiber. Their Kickstarter video is after the jump.

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Essentials: The Medium Format Beginner

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials Medium Format Beginner (6 of 6)ISO 1001-125 sec at f - 4.0

Essentials is a brand new series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

Medium Format photography is what many shooters yearn to do. While the digital counterpart is extremely expensive, its film predecessor is probably more affordable than most digital setups overall. An excellent kit can be had fairly cheaply and you’ll be rewarded with images that aren’t totally possible with most digital cameras.

So why make the move to medium format? Besides the obvious benefits of a significantly larger negative area, medium format film blows its 35mm brethren away in terms of not only overall sharpness but also in color depth, tonality, and more. And with the right lighting, it will beat anything that your DSLR might be able to produce.

Ready to take the plunge? Here’s our essential kit for the person ready to step up.

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Essentials: The Thrifty Time Lapser

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials the Thrifty Timelapser (1 of 7)ISO 1001-1000 sec at f - 4.0

Essentials is a brand new series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

Time lapsers love to get super technical and uber geeky about their creations. But we all need to start somewhere and some of us will need to reach for lower hanging fruit at one point or another. And as creatives, we also need to remember that it’s not always about the gear. By using a very minimalist kit, one can create a mesmerizing time lapse if they’ve got the vision and know how to execute it.

For the visionary, the modest creative, or the introductory shooter–here’s our specially curated essential kit.

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