Essentials: The Connected Photographer


Essentials is a brand new series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

There is a brand new workflow that some of the more cutting edge professionals are sticking to these days: and it doesn’t involve spending hours in front of the computer. With the advent of connected camera, Eye-Fi Mobi, and other extremely mobile software, we can create and edit images with loads of amazing looks just by working on the JPEGs that we created pretty much right the first time in the camera. The liberation that this delivers is truly mind blowing if you can embrace it.

And here is our recommended kit.

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Adorama’s Flashpoint 180 Monolight Is Cheaper Than Some Speedlites and Has More Power


For those moments where you need something more powerful than a speedlight but without carrying a massive unit, a small monolight can usually do the trick. Adorama has unveiled their new Flashpoint 180 Monolight kit complete with batteries, umbrella, umbrella reflector and of course the monolight itself. And all this is going for only $199.99. In all honesty, that’s a steal, but I wish that the unit were smaller and more speedlite-like in design and interface.

The light has a Bowens mount for a bunch of different light modifiers and it also has a stepless knob to control it for five different stops of power. The only thing that would make this deal sweeter is radio controls included with the kit. However, we’re not complaining–but please do note that monolights and speedlites work in completely different ways and have different flash durations.

Westcott Announces The Cheesy But Effective X-Drop Backdrop Kit

I received an email announcing this backdrop kit and at first I thought… this is so cheesy but then I was sold on how easy and effective it seemed. I think it was the multi patterned backdrops that turned me off but the fact is Wescott seemed to have designed a very simple backdrop solution. Wescott calls the product the X-Drop and its aimed at the on the go location photographer.


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Details of Switronix’s Power Solution for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Emerge


Switronix previously announced a power solution for the BMCC, and now images have emerged.. It’s called the PB70-BMCC. This Powerbase kit will extend the battery life of the BMCC from 90 minutes to almost quadruple the time. All while giving you the ability to run accessories like an on-camera light, reference monitor, and other accessories using 2 p-tap connectors. You can monitor the powerbase’s battery life using the 4-LED gauge with a simple touch of button.

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