Details of Switronix’s Power Solution for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Emerge


Switronix previously announced a power solution for the BMCC, and now images have emerged.. It’s called the PB70-BMCC. This Powerbase kit will extend the battery life of the BMCC from 90 minutes to almost quadruple the time. All while giving you the ability to run accessories like an on-camera light, reference monitor, and other accessories using 2 p-tap connectors. You can monitor the powerbase’s battery life using the 4-LED gauge with a simple touch of button.

But what if you already have a Powerbase-70 solution for another camera you already own? Well, have no fear because your current Powerbase-70 kit will work with the BMCC. All you will need is to purchase the GP-S-BMCC connector. If you are someone who likes to use V-mount batteries, than Switronix has you covered as well with its new  GP-S-BMCC  connector plate which also gives you 2 p-tap style connectors to power accessories.



Capacity: 70Wh, 4.8Ah

Design Voltage: 14.8v

Size: 6.25″ x 1.8″ x 3.3″

Weight: 1.4lbs



Input: DC 11-17v

Output for Camera: DC 11-17v, 3A

Output for P-Tap: DC 11-17v, unregulated

Green LED Indication: Camera power output



Input: DC 11-17v

Output for Camera: DC 11-17v, Unregulated 4-Pin XLR Female

Output for TWO P-Taps: DC 11-17v, Unregulated

Size: 3.25″ x 5.5″ x 0.5″

Weight: 0.4 lbs.


For more information about all of Switronix’s Powerbase products for the BMCC, vist their site. As for prices:

$329 for the PB70-BMCC

$105 for the GP-DV-BMCC

$209 for the GP-S-BMCC