EXCLUSIVE: Switronix Confirmed to Be Releasing BlackMagic Powerbase

My buddy Eric over at Photography Bay received word of a rumor that Switronix will be releasing a power accessory for the Black Magic Cinema Camera. We inquired with the company about it (and we’re currently in the process of reviewing their BOLT Torch LED on-camera constant lighting kit) and they quickly got back to us. According to our contact at Switronix:

So here is what I’m able to disclose at the moment re: Black Magic power accessories (feel free to run with this now, you are the first one’s receiving this info):

– We are releasing a Black Magic Powerbase option so that all of our existing Powerbase users (who currently utilize the battery for 5Ds, 7Ds, etc.) can make an easy and affordable upgrade.

– Furthermore, we will be adding an XP-DV regulator cable to our product line for the Black Magic camera

– We also have one more surprise up our sleeve that I will inform on in a few weeks.

According to their website, the cinema camera will have a battery life of approximately 90 minutes. This power accessory will mean that you’ll be able to shoot for much longer if you’re shooting events, weddings, or short films.

We’re waiting for images of the product, but this is some exciting news for cinematographers. But we’re also scratching our heads about whatever surprises are yet to come.

Chris Gampat

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