The Platypod Ultra Wants to Replace Tripods For Photographers

The Platypod Ultra is an evolution of the original Platypod–which is designed to let photographers and videographers travel lighter without tripods and to also let their cameras get into spots where tripods don’t necessarily excel. But at the same times, photographers who don’t use tripods but instead use their environment may see value in the flat surface and stability that something like the Platypod can deliver. The Platypod Ultra is the latest offering from the company and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Essentially, the Platypod is a flat surface  that can accommodate a tripod head or your camera. Then to stabilize it, you have these screws with a rubberized end and a point end. Using them accordingly can stabilize the camera and the Platypod depending on the surface.

Here are more details from the press release:


The Platypod™ Ultra is the next generation of Platypod supports that replaces the original Pro model. Ultra is designed for compact cameras—such as mirrorless, point-and-shoot and lightweight DSLRs—with small-to-medium lenses, in contrast to Platypod’s other model, Max, which is designed for heavy DSLR cameras and full-size video cameras.

Ultra’s universal, tool-free design allows photographers to quickly attach it to tripod ballheads, quick release plates, and standard tripods allowing photographers to quickly find new shooting angles.


  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Thickness: 4.3mm
  • Dimensions: 5.08” x 3.36”
  • Made From:
    • Base: Aircraft Grade aluminum 6061-T6
    • Bolt: Titanium TA2

The rigid plate is constructed of a 3.36 inch x 5.08 inch 4.3 mm thick aircraft grade aluminum plate. Using our patented process, a titanium bolt is solidly welded through this ergonomically crafted, black anodized plate to allow up to 100 lbs of equipment to be attached to Ultra. This photographic standard 3/8”-16 bolt attaches to tripod ballheads making the Platypod Ultra™ a versatile addition to any photographer’s bag.

Whats new to Ultra:

  • Sturdier Body: 10% larger than Pro
  • More Grip Options: Ultra features 5 threaded holes to configure the 4 spike feet in contrast to Pro’s 3 threaded holes and 3 spike feet
  • New Features:
    • 20-in cinch strap and open belt slots allow mounting to poles and objects
    • Accessory holes to attach standard tripods, monopods, and quick release plates

Larry T., photographer and inventor of the Platypod™ camera supports, says he was “searching for a tool-free tabletop tripod device which could be easily hidden in the pocket of a camera bag” and set out to design a better camera support system.

The Platypod™ plate lays flat for stability on a tabletop or level ground and has five threaded holes to insert small spikes/screws with rubber caps and round locking nuts, for stabilization on uneven surfaces like rocks or ledges. Platypod’s patented manufacturing process allows Ultra to handle up to 100 lbs. perpendicular torque yet requires no tools.

The Platypod™ Ultra ($59 street price) Includes:

  1. One Platypod™ Base
  2. Four Heavy Duty Spike Feet ($11.95 if sold separately)
  3. Nylon wallet case for Spike Feet
  4. 20-inch cinch strap
  5. Carabiner

Multi Accessory Kit ($29 street price):

The Multi Accessory Kit is compatible with all Platypod products including Pro, Ultra, and Max.

What’s included in Multi:

  • 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and studio lighting
  • Silicone pad for additional grip on surfaces
  • 36-inch cinch strap for strapping to large objects like trees and telephone poles
  • 5” Riser with 3/8”– ¼” female socket to male bolt for use with tripod ballheads that have a ¼” socket, a wing knob, or lever that aren’t compatible with Platypod’s flat design
  • 25” x 6.25” drawstring pouch to hold the Multi Accessory Kit

Check out the Platypod Ultra on Kickstarter.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.