This Beautiful Photo By Niki Phillips Has a Heartwarming Story

“Picasso once said ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal,’” photographer Niki Phillips told us in an interview. “And that’s kind of what we did with this photo. But definitely want to give the credit to Jordi (Koalitic) for having this awesome idea. He’s insanely talented and outrageously creative.” Niki is a duo along with his wife, Aubrey. To create this mesmerizing portrait, the two did some spur-of-the-moment work.

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Andrew Kung Makes Simple Yet Timelessly Beautiful Photos

“If you look at any of my mood boards or inspiration boards, I’m referencing films by Wong Kar Wai, Edward Yang, 1900s fashion photography, and even contemporary documentary photography…” says photographer Andrew Kung in an interview with The Phoblographer. “I work and take inspiration across genres as they all have an influence in each image I construct.” Looking at Andrew’s work is akin to exploring the complex tasting notes of a fine bourbon. And, as he states, his work draws on various influences and marinates to become something truly special.

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Here’s a Hack to Unlock Creativity: Do Something Boring.

For creatives, inspiration is often found in the most unlikely of places (like the shower) and at the worst of times (like when trying to fall asleep). But what if the commonality between all those cliche places is the fact that they are boring? I was reading a novel (my favorite boredom buster) when I found one such source of unlikely inspiration and an idea to unlock creativity. 

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HAL 9000: How This Nikon Fisheye Lens Inspired Hollywood and Culture

Did you know that HAL 9000 was powered by a famous Nikon Fisheye lens?

There are lots of great stories about the Nikon 8mm f8 fisheye lens, but perhaps one of the most famous is how it became a critical part of HAL 9000 in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The vengeful supercomputer in the film was made with this exact lens put right into it. A recent exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in NY had the exact prop used to create the movie. And getting up close and personal with it is an experience all on its own. One would think that the lens is big, but in truth, it’s relatively small. This is a testament to Nikon’s engineering, as the lens could allegedly see behind itself. And if that’s the case, what other eyes would you want a supercomputer to use?

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How and Where to Look for Photography Inspiration Beyond Instagram

© 2020 Pauleth Ip / PI Creative

With Instagram increasingly becoming an echo chamber, consider these alternative sources of inspiration the next time you’re in a creative rut.

“To gain new perspectives, you have to be willing to change your surroundings.” Back when I was working in higher education, that’s what I used to tell my students whenever they were confronted with seemingly insurmountable problems. It’s helped them reframe the problems and to arrive at solutions on their own. This principle continues to hold true as I transitioned into a career in photography. Whenever I was faced with a creative rut, looking toward new sources of inspiration was often the spark I needed. Time and time again, it’s helped me see the world through a different lens (pun intended) and to approach my photography with fresh creative impulses. The next time you find yourself in a creative rut, consider these alternative sources of inspiration.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Should You Shoot Photos Today? Why Yes!

Today’s Photography Cheat Sheet is all about keeping you motivated to go shoot.

Fact: the world is in a very down mood right now amidst all that’s going on. But you can find it in yourself to be creative and channel your emotions into art. We continuously bring you new photography cheat sheets, and today we’re sharing one of our own creations. It’s designed to help motivate you to go shoot and put a smile on your face. At the same time, we recommend that everyone shoots safely and with sound discretion so that they can continue to create unimpeded. With this cheat sheet, we’re also bringing you a few fresh ideas that we hope will help!

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Clayton Arnall: A Conceptual Photographer Who Makes in-Camera Magic

All images by Clayton Arnall. Used with permission. Check out his Instagram and website.

“…as time’s gone on, I’ve become more comfortable putting people into the positions I want to see,” photographer Clayton Arnall relates to us. “I tend to do most things in-camera, yes.” Clayton is a Kelowna, BC-based creative who shoots video and stills. Much of how he creates comes from his cinematic background and an ability to be in-tune with the moods of others around him. This makes him a photographer who is mostly about getting it right in camera despite admitting to using Lightroom and Photoshop a lot. But more importantly, Clayton says his work is about the people he works with and his own unique, creative vision. Oh, and he finds Instagram difficult.

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5 Places to Find Inspiration for Street Photography

Those who shoot street photography need inspiration from time to time. You just need to know where to find it.

Street photography can be a lonely game. Much time spent alone roaming the streets, hoping something of interest comes your way. Because of the isolation, and the fact that there’s no guarantee of getting a great shot, it’s easy to become deflated. You find yourself in a rut, and your camera starts to collect dust. While there are ways of getting out of a creative rut, sometimes you need a little more: you need to be inspired by those around you. Below are some top sources of inspiration.

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Learn How to Shoot Cool Portraits With These Sparkler Photography Tricks

photography tricks

This photography tricks video proves that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get creative.

Are you looking to add some sparkle and shine to your portraits by you are just plumb out of ideas? If this is the case, we have found a video for you that you may want to watch. When it comes to photography tricks, and being able to create something new and exciting, you really don’t have to spend a fortune. Join us after the break to see how something as simple as sparklers can totally transform your images. Continue reading…

Why It’s So Important to Have Other Hobbies Besides Photography

concert photography

Photography is fantastic; but if you’re going to do it then consider having other fulfilling hobbies.

While photography is a fantastic passion and hobby to have, I don’t at all think that it should be the sole thing that brings you joy in life. The world is a fantastic place filled with tons of variety and if you limit yourself to just one hobby, it can get boring and monotonous. Instead, you need to be able to give yourself a variety. Think of it as a diet. Unfortunately there isn’t a single one food that you can have over and over again to stay very healthy. However with a variety, you can stay healthy and continue to go about your daily life. Sustainability needs at least a small variety of things. But flourishing is best done with a plethora of choices.

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How Legendary Photographer Steve McCurry Overcame Shyness to Become One of the Greats

Legendary photographer Steve McCurry can’t imagine life without a camera in his hands and refuses to retire; that is totally fine with us.

There is no doubt that Steve McCurry is one of the greatest photographers of our time. His dedication and commitment to the art of photography has gifted the world with some of the most captivating images ever seen. In a recent interview, Steve tells Kate Snow about how he started his journey into the world of photography, how he captured some of his most famous images, and how he still has to overcome his shyness to be able to approach people in the streets. Check out the insightful video interview after the break. Continue reading…

The Approach: How to Do Bath Tub Shoots with Models (NSFW)

The iconic bath tub shoot is one that photographers should try at least once.

For years the bathtub shoot has been a fantastical and magical idea for many photographers. Those of us who draw our ideas from cinema, the bathtub can come from lots of 90s movies including those like American Beauty. Then there were those of Marilyn Monroe amongst others. Doing these shoots of course requires planning, ideas, work, and figuring out things like spaces available. To me, these style of shoots are mostly a result of my restless mind and my endless urge to create something and improve my portraiture skills, like a fine art series or a short-term project but without an artist’s statement or intention. Most of these style of shoots are a collaboration between models, stylists, and myself so everyone has something to add to the shoot.

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This Big Tip Will Help You with Fashion and Portrait Photography!

Been looking for your next fashion photography inspiration? This short video featuring Australian fashion and beauty photographer Max Papendieck will give you just that.

Whether you want to do fashion portraits as a hobby or you want to do it professionally in the long run, it always help to get some tips and be inspired by those who are already successful in the field. In this quick video by Henry Thong, we get our fashion photography inspiration from Australian fashion and beauty photographer Max Papendieck, who has photographed a good number of high-profile personalities for an impressive list of brands and publications.

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7 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Next Street Photography Project

Ever wanted to create a street photography project but struggled to come up with ideas? There are plenty of places out there to get your creative juices flowing.

Coming up with a street photography project isn’t easy. There’s a lot of copy cats out there and unoriginal ideas inspired by someone else. But the key here is to find inspiration and to create something that is truly unique to you. You’ve got to find your own spin or take on something. If you are wanting to work on a project, but need a little bit of direction, here are 7 places to find inspiration.

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Film Photographers: Here’s Some Help with Shooting Double Exposures

In-camera double exposures are easy-peasy when shooting with film cameras

Feeling stuck in a dry spell with your creative projects? Time to shake things up and pick up a film camera. Whether you’re doing it for the first time ever or first time in a long time, the constraints of film will definitely get you thinking about your photos and squeeze creativity out of you. One of the ways film photographers (then and especially now) get creative is by doing double exposures — in camera. We’ve got some pretty interesting examples that will get you curious to try it out yourself!

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These Five Ansel Adams Interviews Will Inspire Every Landscape Photographer

Ansel Adams may have chosen to specialize in landscape photography, but his eye for detail, humility, and creative vision remain inspirational for all photographers today

Whether you’ve chosen to follow in the footsteps of Ansel Adams and mainly do landscape photography or dabble in the genre once in a while, one thing remains certain: he remains an inspiration for generations of photographers, regardless of the kind of photography they practice. Today, we want to stoke the fires and bring you some insightful and inspiring interviews with Ansel Adams.

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Here’s What’s Really Keeping You from Taking More Photos

There may be lots of reasons why you’re not taking photos, but this is most likely what’s on top of the list

“Practice makes perfect” is still the most fitting adage for anything you want to master. Sure, it’s easy enough to say and understand. However, it can easily become an insurmountable task with the mere mention of one thing: time. When work and responsibilities start taking big chunks of your time and getting in the way of your creative projects, saying, “I don’t have the time,” becomes the norm. But, is it really the case? Is it really often impossible to make time to practice photography?

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F8 and Be There: On The CITOGRAPH 35mm f8 Lens for Street Photographers

Earlier on we reported on the new Citograph 35mm lens designed for photographers to simply capture moments as they happen. The Citograph 35mm took to Kickstarter to get funding to produce a lens at an affordable price point with character, quality and the ability to always be spontaneous. Benedikt Hartmann, the Creative Director for C.P.Goerz, talked with us briefly about the inspiration behind the lens and about how it’s going to differ from so many other options out there.

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10 Lifehacks For Staying Motivated and Inspired In Your Photography

Featured Image screenshot from video. All credit to Jessica Whitaker. 

We all remember what it was like when we found our wings in photography when you could actually take a picture based on something you saw in your head and have it come out on the back of the camera. It’s motivating, but just like the actual adrenaline rush you get when you see it, this motivation and inspiration always fade over time.

This is especially the case with professional photographers when you are constantly doing the same things over and over it can be hard to stay motivated about them and inspired to push the envelope. But keeping yourself sharp and always motivated to strive for better is a key for those who want to do more with their photography. So how can one stay inspired and motivated in their work? Continue reading…

Darren Lewey: Medium Format Landscape Photography and Abstracts in Morocco

All images and text by Darren Lewey. Used with permission.

I’m a photographer based in Morocco running tours and workshops within a day’s drive which includes Andalusia, Spain. I guess I’m strongly tempted to first explore locations that are closer to me than far-flung ones. It’s part of my ethos that there are things around that are photographically interesting and getting to know places a little bit can help. When I’m not teaching then I’m dedicated to personal portfolio development which I’ve been doing for the past year. Before that I had little time to set aside for my own work with developing my business and historically working in UK education and film making. For many years I didn’t pick-up a stills camera. That changed last year when I bought a Pentax 645z. I’ve always been an advocate of medium format but with no processing options in Morocco my 67 was unused. I’d been limited to older crop sensor technology and it didn’t inspire. I use natural light and a range of prime lenses.

I enjoy nature, I’m not a city person. I like the ability to work in quietness. For the included portfolio, Andalusia, I set myself the task of producing images in three zones during the space of two weeks in May 2017. Each of the areas offered very different challenges but I wanted to capture the texture of the region.

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