Here’s Everything You Need to Photograph Fireworks at Night

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It’s time to celebrate. The opportunity is right around the corner to photograph the soon-coming fireworks. So we decided to share a short guide on everything you need. Better yet, we’re also giving you some tips on how to use the gear. Better yet, you can probably do this with the gear that you’ve got laying around. You can even try it with your phone if you wish. Either way, we’ve got all the accessories and all you need. Take a look at this list to celebrate Independence day!

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4th of July Savings: Save an Extra 20% on Presets, Actions, and Tutorials

Save an extra 20% off of Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, and Guides that are already ridiculously cheap!

If you’re looking for some incredible deals on Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and overlays, and some fantastic photography tutorials, you’re in the right place. We have found some mega Fourth of July savings for you. For a couple of days (until midnight on the 6th of July), you’ll be able to save an additional 20% off by using the code FREEDOM at checkout. You can pick up 4,000 Lightroom presets for just $29, and you’ll save an extra 20% off of that price. Enhance your photos in Photoshop with 1850 actions for only $29, and don’t forget you’ll get an additional 20% off that price. Would you like to learn the art of shooting nude photos? The Dan Hostettler Nude Photography Bundle is a steal at $39 and yes, you’ll save an additional 20% off of that price too. Come see all of the Lightroom presets, and other deals we have found for you this Independence Day. Continue reading…

How to Protect Your Camera and Gear at Fireworks Parties This 4th of July

If’ you’re not the official photographer at any fireworks parties this year, immerse yourself, have fun, and capture unique moments just for you; just be careful with your gear.

As photographers, we find ourselves being asked to be the photographer at all sorts of events, even family events like firework parties. That means we don’t get to be as wholly immersed as we would like, but if you find yourself being able to skip the party photography in an official capacity, you can go about taking images for fun and for yourself. There are some things you should be aware of, though, because as we all know, accidents can and do happen, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your gear. Continue reading…