How to Protect Your Camera and Gear at Fireworks Parties This 4th of July

If’ you’re not the official photographer at any fireworks parties this year, immerse yourself, have fun, and capture unique moments just for you; just be careful with your gear.

As photographers, we find ourselves being asked to be the photographer at all sorts of events, even family events like firework parties. That means we don’t get to be as wholly immersed as we would like, but if you find yourself being able to skip the party photography in an official capacity, you can go about taking images for fun and for yourself. There are some things you should be aware of, though, because as we all know, accidents can and do happen, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your gear.

If you’re like me, your camera goes with you everywhere you go, so even if you find yourself not being the one responsible for photography in an official capacity, chances are your gear is right by your side, and you will be firing off shots just as fast as fireworks are being blasted into the sky. When you’re not working though, and you’re just at firework parties having fun, it seems like it is much easier to lose track of your gear, and that’s where problems arise. So here are some tips on how you can capture the fun of the party and can ensure your camera is safe.


Stay Away from Liquids


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Don’t put your camera down on a table where drinks can be spilled on it. Just don’t. This should go without saying. Sure, some cameras and lenses are sealed, but even still, leaving your camera exposed in an environment where drinks can be knocked over on to it should be avoided. If you need to put your camera down, place it away from liquids. You and your friends may like some brewskies, but your camera won’t. If you want to be prepared for your camera taking a drink though, and maybe even be prepared for bad weather (it always seems to rain at these parties), throw some of these waterproof covers in your pocket.


If it Wasn’t for You Pesky Kids!


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We love children. Fun, full of life, fun to watch as they play. But they’re inquisitive little buggers, and they’re opportunists too (believe me I know, I have two of them). Much like the drink situation above, don’t leave your camera any place where sticky, booger covered fingers can get at it. Children love to play, and they make photography incredibly fun, but they’ll grab your camera, and will run off to the bouncy castle with it before you can say Barney if you leave it within their reach. If this happens, and you find your camera is a little sticky, clean it up, and remove the ‘ick’ with one of these cleaning kits.


Make it a Slinging Party


One of the best ways to protect ‘the precious’ is to use a camera sling. With a camera sling, you’ll get the best of both worlds. When you’re not taking pictures, the camera will harmlessly hang down by your side which will free up your hands for a drink or another burger. The sling will keep the camera out of the hands of little ones too, so that will solve the above problem. You’ll also be ready to shoot at a moment’s notice as your camera is right there! You’ll be able to grab all sorts of priceless, candid moments in the blink of an eye.

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These three simple tips will help you protect your gear should you decide to take it along with you this Fourth of July! Go have fun, enjoy the fireworks parties, capture amazing candids, celebrate Independence Day, and keep that camera safe. The last thing you want is for it to explode like a rocket.