7 Instant Film Polaroid-Style Cameras for Your New Year’s Eve Party Fun!

Leave your expensive camera in the safety of your home this New Year’s Eve and take one of these instant cameras with you instead.

Instant cameras are fun to use, and because of this, they’re the perfect companion for photographers who don’t want to take their expensive cameras with them out on the town or to parties. Instant cameras are easy to use, and they can help you capture candid moments with your friends and family. Seeing as they are so affordable, you won’t mind passing it around your group so that everyone can capture fun moments. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at seven incredibly fun, easy to use instant cameras that will help you remember your New Year’s Eve party.

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How to Protect Your Camera and Gear at Fireworks Parties This 4th of July

If’ you’re not the official photographer at any fireworks parties this year, immerse yourself, have fun, and capture unique moments just for you; just be careful with your gear.

As photographers, we find ourselves being asked to be the photographer at all sorts of events, even family events like firework parties. That means we don’t get to be as wholly immersed as we would like, but if you find yourself being able to skip the party photography in an official capacity, you can go about taking images for fun and for yourself. There are some things you should be aware of, though, because as we all know, accidents can and do happen, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your gear. Continue reading…

The Business of Party and Event Photography


All images by Jay Electro Blum. Used with permission.

Photographer Jay Electro Blum lives the life that so many photographers want: he shoots parties, interacts with some of the coolest people, and gets to express his creativity by interacting with people and capturing moments as they happen. Jay was a graphic designer who wanted a big change in life, and so he started shooting parties. At first, the pay wasn’t so great but eventually it got better.

What Jay realized more than anything though is that party photography requires a photographer to have some of the best people skills out there. And those people skills translate well when it comes to getting new business.

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