Niko’s Photographs Will Make You Smile and Let Loose

“It was not easy,” states French designer and photographer Niko when asked how bad the lockdown was. He adds, “…people were not very motivated.” As with many of us, he took to doing creative projects with his camera to cope with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. And he’s come out with a visual parody to show just how much we depend on masks in our daily lives.

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5 Awesome Examples of Creative Photography to do When Bored!

Photographers seldom get bored. But when they do, they turn to their cameras and creative mind to soothe their boredom. It’s a perk of being a creative. There’s always something you can do to entertain yourself. This article looks at a round-up of photographers that worked on some creative photography that’s both fun and inspiring, keeping themselves entertained in the process.

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6 Photographers Get Creative with Reflections for Mind-Blowing Results!

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Can we reflect for a moment? Don’t worry; it won’t be on our childhood issues. You will be pleased to know we’re going to reflect on reflections. Too deep? Allow me to explain. Over the years, we have sent many images to digital print that focus on reflections. It’s a fun way to be creative. And when well-executed, reflections are a sure-fire way to create images that will glue to the people’s eyes. Take a look.

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Joseph Jackson Spent Time Under his Microscope While in Lockdown

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“I immensely enjoyed getting lost in these little worlds, at a time where we were all very isolated”, says Joseph Jackson. “…hopefully it will make people look at the everyday objects around them in a new way, seeing the hidden beauty in mundane objects”, he mentions about his project Odyssey. Beginning in March 2020, the UK had imposed several weeks of lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just prior to its start, Joseph grabbed some boxes of equipment from his studio in London to spend his time at home creatively.

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6 Photographers Show the World Their Superb Creative Photography

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We love all types of photography here at The Phoblographer. However, we must admit that some of what we see is a bit boring. That’s not to say it’s bad photography, but many photographers do the same thing without pushing their creative boundaries. The good news is, we’re not going to subject you to any of that. We’re going to share a round-up of photographers who think outside the box – a collection of works that shows their artistic flair and creative photography.

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This Remarkable, Creative Photography Will Be The Highlight of Your Day!

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We love creative photography. It’s fun to look at and allows you to forget about the world’s troubles. Imagery doesn’t always have to have a deeper meaning, at least for the consumer. Often it can just be an enjoyable way to pass the time. And the photographers in this piece, along with their creative work, ensure that we forget time exists.

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Bill Wadman’s Conceptual Photography Will Make Your Jaw Drop

All images by Bill Wadman. Used with permission.

“People, people, and people,” says Bill Wadman when asked why photography means so much to him. In fairness, it’s a question we could have answered ourselves just by looking at his portfolio. Although it’s varied, offering anything from straight-shooting to creative conceptual ideas, one thing remains at the center of it all: people. With a career spanning over 14 years, we were interested to know how the journey has been, and what his feelings are about photography in the current climate.

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These Multiple Exposure Tips Will Help You Expand Your Creativity

Multiple exposure techniques have been around since the analog days. Be sure to give them a try if you’re in search of a creative break from the norm!

As photographers, it’s important to always explore new and different techniques in order to keep our creative muscles active. A popular way to exercise our creativity is by utilizing alternative photography techniques. Shooting multiple exposures is one such example. With origins dating back to the film photography days, multiple exposure techniques are still highly popular to this day. The images created through multiple exposure photography tend to take on a surreal, ethereal, or conceptual nature. One thing that they definitely won’t be is boring. If you’re looking for creative photography projects to help sharpen your imagination, consider giving multiple exposures a try!

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Tony Gale Finds Creative Outlet With Social Distancing Self Portraits

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been a huge blow to the photography industry. With most photographers being homebound and in socially distanced self-isolation, the normally simple act of creating has evolved into a new and unique challenge. This presented a unique opportunity for self-discovery for portrait photographer Tony Gale. Based in New York City, Tony Gale shoots regularly for a variety of editorial, corporate, and advertising clients. He is also a Sony Artisan of Imagery, a Manfrotto Ambassador, an X-Rite Coloratti, and the National President for American Photographic Artists. Turning the lens towards himself allowed Tony to continue creating despite the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. His daily creative exercise would eventually turn into an entire series of Social Distancing Self Portraits. The lead image accompanying this article is Tony’s 56th self-portrait in the series. We spoke with Tony recently about his project and what went into creating this particular self-portrait.

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COVID-19 Sent Photographer Michel Leroy Down AC/DC’s Highway to Hell

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

Michel Leroy is an entertainment and advertising photographer based out of New York. As most of you are undoubtedly aware, New York is one of the cities hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak. As a result, much of the photography industry in New York is in a holding pattern at the moment. To say that we’re living in interesting times right now would be quite an understatement. Creativity is what drives us as photographers. But how do you create when we’re all confined within our homes? When the whole world is essentially on pause? Looking to social media for inspiration, Michel stumbled upon his friend Phil Adams’ recreation of Blondie’s Parallel Lines album cover using found objects from around the house. This project led Michel to do a similar project with his family. For his take on the concept, Michel decided on AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell cover. With celebrity chefs and Olympic athletes amongst his subjects, Michel’s produced style lends an authentic connection to these personalities. His images reveal a level of comfort and vitality shared amongst friends, and you can clearly see this on display here.

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David Levitz: Street and Travel Photography as a Creative Outlet

All photos and words by David Levitz. Used with permission.

I’m David Levitz from San Francisco and I’m a hobbyist street and travel photographer. I use photography like many others as my creative outlet from my normal day to day work. I’m fascinated by cinematic scenes, night colors, poor weather conditions, and urban environments and the people within them. When I take photos I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for but often it’s silhouettes of people in interesting places or dramatic colors/moods. I try my best to capture imagery that’s unique to me.

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Film Photography Is a Form of Creative Rebellion and I Love It

Film photography probably doesn’t mean much to most people, but to some it’s an exciting and much-needed creative rebellion from the digital grind. 

When I first joined film photography communities some 10 years ago, I honestly did not expect that it would grow very much. Most of the world seemed to have moved on from film stocks, and the cameras were no more than vintage keepsakes of photography history. I would get strange looks whenever people figured out I was shooting with a film camera. We were seen as a bunch of misfits, or hipsters, as the wretched label came to be. But, the deeper I got into it, I more clearly saw what shooting film meant for those who did: it’s a form of creative rebellion in a world that puts a premium on perfection.

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Five Simple Ways to Beat Creative Block in Photography

We all struggle from bouts of creative block once in a while. But we don’t have to let it drag on and cripple us from shooting. Here are some simple ways to help us break out of it.

Are you stuck with your photography projects or haven’t been shooting for a while? Don’t like the photos you’ve taken lately? Having a hard time breaking out of that creative rut? These things happen to us in different forms and varying degrees. But, that doesn’t mean we have to endlessly struggle with it. A video by Jamie Windsor shares some tips and thoughts that allowed him to identify how creative block happen to him and what helps him move past it.

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Nay Jiménez’s Food Story Is an Invitation to a Banquet of Colors

All photos by Nay Jiménez. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

When it comes to food photography, color is essential to produce a maximum mouth-watering effect. It’s also an effective creative component to present food in a different way, as today’s featured food photography project shows. If you’ve ever wanted to capture food through an out-of-the-box approach, we’re sure the vibrant editorial snapped by Chile-based creative director and photographer Nay Jiménez will give you lots of ideas!

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James Britt’s Inspiring Dedication to Double Exposures

All double exposures by James Britt. Used with permission. 

The Phoblographer has always had a soft spot for alternative methods of photography. We’ve championed many unique methods over the 10 years we’ve been running. That’s why we were super stoked when photographer, James Britt, contacted us about his fantastic double exposures. So much so, that we agreed to feature them on the site! Because if we’re excited by them, we’re confident you will be too – let’s check them out.

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Christoffer Relander Merges the Beauty of Nature with the Human Form

All photos by Christoffer Relander. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Despite its analog origins, double exposure remains a popular creative technique, even for the digital photographers of today. This is now easy with all the technology available, whether you opt to do it on post or in-camera. Given that we’re more interested in what photographers can do in-camera, we’ve been fascinated with the double exposure series done by Christoffer Relander — both in medium format film and digital using a Nikon D700. Today, we take a look at another series showcasing his impressive doubles and multiple exposures done in camera, where he blends the beauty of foliage with the human form.

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How to Get Creative with the Double Exposure Effect

Ever been curious about how to achieve the beautiful double exposure effect for your photos? Here’s a tutorial showing you three ways to do it.

Double exposure is among our favorite creative photography techniques, and we’re sure it’s also high on the list of many experimental photographers out there. We’ve featured a lot of projects that make great use of this technique, whether it’s done in camera or crafted in post-processing. If all that inspired you and got you wanting to learn how it’s done, we have just the video tutorial you need.

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Nikita Zhurnakov Uses Color in Food Photography in the Funnest Way

All photos by Nikita Zhurnakov. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking for some cool food photography inspiration? This is precisely what we have on spotlight for today: a fine example of an out of the box approach to the mouthwatering genre. None of those flat lays by Instagram influencers here — only colorful and clever ways to see food! Russian photographer Nikita Zhurnakov shot a bunch of fun food for a commercial promo campaign by company Cherkashin. While he named his collection FOOD PORN, the photos aren’t your usual snaps of drool-worthy dishes or Instagram-worthy lifestyle content. Instead, they are clever captures that encourage us to see food items and ingredients as elements that we can use to play with colors, shapes, and textures.

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Valentina Corral Plays with Paper for a 2018 Color Campaign

All photos by Valentina Corral. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Commercial photographers may seem to be missing out on fun projects to some, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In one of her projects, Chilean art director and photographer Valentina Corral proves to us that with some imagination and playful execution, the right concept will shine for any body of work.

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Take Your Art to New Heights with Inspiring Words from Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani’s perspectives on art and photography could change the way you perceive your own art and your creative adventures.

Whatever kind of photography genre or creative venture you’re doing, you’re certainly doing art. Award-winning Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani has one important piece of advice to further your craft, “All art has to provoke something. Great art produces discussion.” If you’re not quite sure yet how to do that, this London Real interview will surely inspire you and give you some fresh ideas on how to create thought-provoking art.

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Anthony Ponterio Browning Makes Hypnotizing Multiple Exposures Without Photoshop

All images by Anthony Ponteiro Browning. Used with permission.

With everyone essentially being a photographer with their smartphone cameras, DSLRs, and compact cameras, the need to create photographs that stand out from the rest has become increasingly important. With this, we tip our hats to photographers who push the creative boundaries of their chosen craft. Today, our spotlight is on Anthony Ponterio Browning, a Los Angeles-based photographer and graffiti artist, who creates hypnotic multiple exposure photos without the aid of Photoshop.

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