Five Simple Ways to Beat Creative Block in Photography

We all struggle from bouts of creative block once in a while. But we don’t have to let it drag on and cripple us from shooting. Here are some simple ways to help us break out of it.

Are you stuck with your photography projects or haven’t been shooting for a while? Don’t like the photos you’ve taken lately? Having a hard time breaking out of that creative rut? These things happen to us in different forms and varying degrees. But, that doesn’t mean we have to endlessly struggle with it. A video by Jamie Windsor shares some tips and thoughts that allowed him to identify how creative block happen to him and what helps him move past it.

A creative block can and will hinder you from advancing your photography in many ways. It can make you extremely unhappy about your own work, or devalue your progress. It can demotivate you from continuing an ongoing project and push you to believe it’s not working anymore. It can stop you from shooting altogether because you feel you’re out of ideas to work with. It can last for days, or go on for months. But Jamie’s suggestions below may help you break away from creative blocks whenever they happen. Definitely worth trying out!

For Jamie, a creative block happens whenever his conscious mind falls out of sync with his intuition or subconscious mind. This means no ideas from his subconscious mind gets passed on to his conscious mind to transform into something coherent, so the latter is left trying to run things on its own. “The problem with this is my conscious mind can only see what it can immediately access and that both impacts my creativity and my motivation,” he added.

Jamie realized the key to breaking away from this creative block is to free himself from the confines of what he already knows and is familiar (and bored) with, so his subconscious can restart and get back on track. To do this, he does the following:

  1. Stop trying. Don’t force things. Allow your subconscious mind to restart. Do something different in the meantime.
  2. Go somewhere different. A change in environment is sometimes all it takes to get your subconscious rolling with new ideas.
  3. Spend time with people. Learn from them. Explore new perspectives through them. Sound off your ideas with fellow creatives. Sometimes, all you need is some sort of permission from these people you trust to do what you have in mind.
  4. Stop worrying. “No one runs out of ideas forever,” Jamie assures us. “Trust your mind because it’s more clever than you.”
  5. Give up on bad ideas. Sometimes, the idea just isn’t right, and it keeps you from moving forward with your work and even hampers your motivation and creativity. Don’t be afraid to drop these ideas if you feel they’re just not working for you.

To sum all of this up, Jamie says just THINK LESS, DO MORE. Don’t fall into the trap of rationalizing everything through your limited understanding of the world. There are always more things to learn, explore, and experiment with!

Don’t forget to check out Jamie Windsor’s YouTube channel for more of his cool photography tips, tricks, and inspiration.


Screenshot image from the video