5 of the Best Highlights From Inside the Photographer’s Mind

In 2021, The Phoblographer resurrected Inside the Photographer’s Mind. We offer the show in the form of a video and audio podcast, and we aim to bring the very best in photography conversations. Another core aim is to have the most diverse group of guests to highlight all voices and perspectives within the photo industry. It’s been a pleasure putting together the first batch of episodes. In this piece, we reflect on some of the highlights.

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Video: Jamie Windsor Shares the Truth on Being Successful on YouTube

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Photographers who create content for YouTube can get a bad rep. Often seen as fame-hungry attention seekers, only concerned about views and popularity, some industry members reject their credibility as skilled photographers. But that can hardly be fair. Surely there’s more depth to a photographer who makes YouTube content? I was eager to find out. So I invited popular YouTuber Jamie Windsor on to The Phoblographer’s official podcast: Inside The Photographers Mind.

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5 Photography YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

Are you looking for some photography YouTube channels? We’ve got some.

More and more photography channels are appearing on YouTube. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that you have more access to information and content. But, it’s bad that you have to trawl through all the poorly made material to find the gems. Thankfully, we’re happy to do the dirty work. We’ve dug up the very best photography YouTube channels for you to enjoy.

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Five Simple Ways to Beat Creative Block in Photography

We all struggle from bouts of creative block once in a while. But we don’t have to let it drag on and cripple us from shooting. Here are some simple ways to help us break out of it.

Are you stuck with your photography projects or haven’t been shooting for a while? Don’t like the photos you’ve taken lately? Having a hard time breaking out of that creative rut? These things happen to us in different forms and varying degrees. But, that doesn’t mean we have to endlessly struggle with it. A video by Jamie Windsor shares some tips and thoughts that allowed him to identify how creative block happen to him and what helps him move past it.

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Here’s Why Some “Bad Photos” Resonate with You

Ever notice how “bad photos” sometimes resonate with you more than technically flawless ones? Here’s a really great and detailed answer from Jamie Windsor.

Ask London-based photographer Jamie Windsor who his all-time favorite photographer is, and there’s a big chance he’ll answer Nan Goldin. He explains his choice by detailing what it is about her work that draws him and commands his attention: the authenticity and emotional narratives brought about by imperfection. Yes, you’re reading it right. Imperfection is something that the digital world has largely amended, if not erased, with the latest and greatest of gear. But in the case of photographers like Nan Goldin, Jamie has found that “bad photos” often resonate with viewers because of a creative use of imperfections to convey a feeling or capture a moment from the photographer’s perspective.

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9 Ways You Can Create Better Black and White Photography

When done right, black and white photography has the power to create moods, add drama, and exude a timeless quality. These quick tips will help you understand how to work with the medium and harness that power.

“For most of us these days, black and white is an afterthought, a creative filter we have on Instagram, a Lightroom preset we apply because that particular shot has too much color in it. Black and white is not generally something we pre-plan,” lamented London-based photographer Jamie Windsor in one of his videos about black and white photography. He goes on to remind us that black and white is more than just a creative filter or an editing technique. It’s a totally different way to see things, work the scenes, and convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas. To help us get a better understanding of these notions and achieve better results in the process, he put together nine quick tips and techniques he found crucial to black and white photography.

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Get Better at Black and White Photography With These Quick Tips

If black and white photography has been on your mind, you may want to bring this handful of quick tips with you the next time you go out and shoot.

Black and white used to be the only way to go back in the old days of photography. Today, however, there’s more than one way to make sure your black and white photos are on point. With these quick tips from London-based photographer Jamie Windsor, you can at least have a head start on getting better at black and white photography, whatever the genre you want to take on.

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These 5 Reasons Are Why Bad Photographers Think They’re Good

Beware of falling victim into the trap of the Dunning-Kruger Effect!

At several points in our lives, we encounter people who believe they are absolutely great at what they do despite overwhelming evidence that their output is terrible. It manifests in many areas of our lives but it’s especially prominent in anything that involves work. And yes, that includes photography, whether you’re doing it professionally or as a hobby. In an insightful and introspective video, London-based photographer Jamie Windsor explores why some bad photographers think they’re good, and what we can do to avoid falling into that trap.

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