Epic, Magic Filter Actually Changes Size: New H&Y Revoring Swift Review

What if one filter could fit all your lenses? What if circular and rectangular filters worked together? What if filters just snapped on with a magnet? That’s the idea behind the H&Y Revoring Swift, a modular filter system that integrates circular and rectangular filters as well as a hood and lens cap. To top it off, the base adapts to different thread sizes, so it’s possible to use one filter on multiple lenses.

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A Professional Twenty in One Kit – Freewell Magnetic VND Filters

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Variable Neutral Density (VND) filters have traditionally had a negative connotation attached to them. This is because of the dreaded X pattern that appears as you rotate the filters to obtain varying degrees of density. The folks at Freewell claim you won’t experience this when using their new Magnetic VND filters. They’re not wrong. During three days of testing, I never once faced anything close to this image-killing X when using these filters. What’s more amazing is that they double as CPL filters if you flip them around. Freewell has done an outstanding manufacturing job with these filters. Read more to see how they fared in our review.

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Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder System (A Quick & Modular Solution)

The Haida M10 Filter Holder System is a modular way for photographers to quickly and easily attach/detach and swap in a variety of different filters

During last year’s PhotoPlus Expo, we were introduced to Chinese filter manufacturer Haida and their brand new M10 Filter Holder System. Neutral density filters play an integral role for photographers particularly specializing in landscape, architecture, and travel photography. If you find yourself shooting with a variety of different lenses regularly, chances are most of these lenses will have different filter threads. ND filters aren’t cheap, and buying filters in multiple densities for various threads can put a huge dent in your wallet very quickly. Filter systems like the Haida M10 system are a much more cost-efficient way to go, allowing you to adapt a set of filters across a variety of filter threads.

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The Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND Promise Less Vignetting for Landscape Photographers

The folks over at Breakthrough photography have forever made really fantastic ND filters. The simple build quality and design that makes them so simple to come off and on securely is very convenient. Now they’re back with a brand new Kickstarter for the new Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND. For landscape photographers and videographers looking to keep their packages a bit more compact, the CPL is a really nice option. But for photographers looking for the most control, the GND (Graduated Neutral Density) filters are great.

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