The Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND Promise Less Vignetting for Landscape Photographers

The folks over at Breakthrough photography have forever made really fantastic ND filters. The simple build quality and design that makes them so simple to come off and on securely is very convenient. Now they’re back with a brand new Kickstarter for the new Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND. For landscape photographers and videographers looking to keep their packages a bit more compact, the CPL is a really nice option. But for photographers looking for the most control, the GND (Graduated Neutral Density) filters are great.

First up, the Breakthrough Dark CPL is a combination Polarizer and Neutral density filter. It can come in 3 stop, 6 stop and 10 stop light cutting abilities. It combines the X4 filters and some new engineering that Breakthrough is pushing that goes all the way up to creating their own ND filter holders.

Meanwhile, the Breakthrough X4 GND is made of tempered glass; and so they’re touting how durable it is. Both filters have a really long guarantee and use SCHOTT glass made in Germany.

Like all the other options that they’ve talked about, they’re making claims of being the world’s sharpest and most color neutral ND filter out there.

In many ways, these are the filters that I’ve personally been waiting for from Breakthrough. The quality of their other filters is very good; and I’d even say that they’re some of the best made out there. You can surely tell the difference between filters like this and some of the more plastic options from a manufacturer like Neewer that does things rather cheaply for a quick sale on Amazon.

Visit the already fully funded Kickstarter page to get more information.