This Awesome Feature on Olympus Cameras Needs More Praise

If you’re a fan of landscape photography, then you’re probably aware of the feature on Olympus cameras called Live ND. Since it was introduced years ago, no other camera manufacturer has implemented it into their cameras. Granted, there has also been a worldwide pandemic that’s restricted productivity and innovation. But still, Olympus cameras, and therefore OM System cameras, are very capable. For a while, they were the only ones with vehicle AI autofocus tracking. But in truth, Live ND is one of the coolest things they’ve made.

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Liam Searson Captures the Beauty and Terror of California Wildfires

“Wildfires are equally terrifying and fascinating,” the California photographer Liam Searson tells me. “Especially at night, when the daylight fades, seeing the landscape erupt in a glowing orange is a pretty unforgettable experience. Imagine if the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, were extremely toxic and posed a major danger to those in the vicinity. Would we still find them as beautiful as we do now? In a kind of f**ked up way, that’s the same way I view wildfires.

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Jonas Daley Takes Us on a Journey Inside His Infrared Imagination

“For a long time, I have felt drawn to wild and magical places, from the deserts to the snow-capped mountains of the Chinese landscape,” the photographer Jonas Daley tells me. “I am curious about the natural world, particularly the kinds of landscapes that feel unknown or mysterious in some way.” For more than five years now, he’s photographed the rolling dunes of the Qaidam Basin, a desert landscape surrounded by mountains, using a converted infrared camera to capture a singular location in all its otherworldly splendor. 

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8 Lenses and Accessories for Landscape Photographers on a Budget

fall landscape photography

Landscape photographers, these are lenses and accessories that will help you capture your best images yet while on a budget.

Can you believe Summer is already drawing to a close? Pretty soon, the sun will set earlier, and the landscapes around us will undergo a beautiful transformation. It’s this time of year that excites me more than any other simply due to how gorgeous the world becomes. Trees are filled with vibrant colors, sunsets and sunrises take on another life, and of course, the lower temperature make it a joy to be outside. If you want to capture the beauty of Fall though, you need to have the right gear. After the break, we will take a quick look at some lenses and accessories that will help all landscape photographers create their best landscape images yet.

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6 Photographers Killing It with the Fujifilm XT3 Right Now


You’ll love what these photographers are producing with the Fujifilm XT3.

The Fujifilm XT3 is a popular camera in the photographic industry. Its analog inspired build gives the modern-day photographer a feel of a bygone era. The X-Trans CMOS sensor continues the X-Series tradition of producing detailed, sharp images. But for its features to be best utilized, it needs to be in the right hands. Thankfully, some terrific photographers use the XT3, and in this piece, we’re going to show you six of our favorites.

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We Don’t Celebrate Living Photographers Enough; Just the Dead Ones

When is the last time you went to a gallery event or museum exhibit dedicated to living photographers?

If you ask any landscape photographer who one of their favorites is, I’m positive they’d say Ansel Adams with nary enough of them waxing poetic about how fantastic Varina Patel is. And for portraiture shooters? You’re bound to get endless talk about Avedon and not enough about the more specialized work of Lois Greenfield. When it comes to street photography, everyone is quick to talk about Bresson with little speaking on the genius that is Adam Miller. Why? Is it marketing? Partially, the answer is yes, but the other big answer is that the gatekeepers tend to spend too much time focusing on the work of dead photographers. Getting a bit deeper into this, they spend too much time trying to ensure ticket sales to those of white men–not enough women or photographers of color (but the latter is for a completely different article).

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What Could Canon Have in Store for a New High End EOS R?

Whatever Canon decides to do with the high end EOS R, one thing for sure is that they won’t be able to please everyone.

The Canon EOS R has been relatively successful for Canon since it’s launch, but the Canon faithful want more. Instead of coming out guns blazing, Canon played a safe card with the EOS R, and then laid down another with the EOS RP. But rumors about a new, high-end EOS R continue to swirl. If recent reports are to believed, it will be a powerhouse, but just what direction will Canon choose to go with it? Will it be a Mirrorless version of the high Megapixel 5DS, or will it be a tough workhorse like the 1DX that working pros have been clamoring for? Continue reading…

Review: Shimoda Explore 40 Backpack (the Essential Adventure Camera Bag)

The Shimoda Explore 40 is arguably overkill for most photographers.

I’ve known about the Shimoda backpacks well before they were announced, and for a period of a few months I’ve been reviewing and testing the Shimoda Explore 40. For the first time ever, I’m shocked to say it – this bag is overkill for most photographers in almost every single way. For the working professional, the travel photographer, or for the photographer who essentially needs to bring their life with them as they traverse their nomadic lifestyle, the Shimoda Explore 40 backpack will let you do all that and more. With tons of weather sealing, a three way zipper, pockets within pockets, dividers that can be placed throughout the entire bag, lumbar support, expandable storage, and a whole lot more there is so much the Shimoda Explore 40 backpack has to offer.

Again, I’m going to preface this by saying that this is a very extreme backpack. If you live in a city, there’s no reason to have this thing. If you trek out, hike, camp, or essentially need to carry all the things with you, this bag will become your best friend.

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The Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND Promise Less Vignetting for Landscape Photographers

The folks over at Breakthrough photography have forever made really fantastic ND filters. The simple build quality and design that makes them so simple to come off and on securely is very convenient. Now they’re back with a brand new Kickstarter for the new Breakthrough Dark CPL & X4 GND. For landscape photographers and videographers looking to keep their packages a bit more compact, the CPL is a really nice option. But for photographers looking for the most control, the GND (Graduated Neutral Density) filters are great.

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Why Photography Is a Fantastic Way to Maintain Mental Health

For many years, people have done photography as a hobby–a way to preserve their mental health so to speak in a way that keeps them sane due to its almost rhythmic movements and thought process involved. In today’s world, there are more photographers than ever who have decided to pick up a camera or their phone due to how many free educational websites (like this one) and more there are online. So for many people photography is a way to find an escape from everyday stresses, the caustic nature of social media, and a way to creatively express oneself in order to purge negativities from our mind and body. Indeed, photography is fantastic for your mental health.

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Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Lenses For Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography is one of those great niches of photography where you can just grab your gear and go–no need to line up a client or model, just drive out to your nearest wilderness area and you are golden. This often makes landscape photography a popular niche for hobbyists and amateur landscape photographers, who by extension are usually looking for budget lenses to built out their kit.

One nice benefit to landscape photography is that your subjects are not moving, so autofocus is a luxury that you can live without, meaning access to inexpensive manual focus prime lenses is something that makes a lot of sense to look into. Today we wanted to focus on some of our picks for the best budget landscape photography lenses, and we have broken the list up into two parts, DSLR Lenses and Mirrorless lenses. Let’s jump into it.

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When to Use a Graduated Neutral Density Filter or Variable Neutral Density Filter for Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers always have two major types of filters in their camera bags: and they’re both a type of ND filter (Neutral Density Filter.) Neutral Density filters basically cut out light in a scene and try to do so in a very specific way depending on what type you’re using. They’re essential parts of the process and have been since the film days–especially as lots of the magic of landscape photography comes out in the processing. But if you aren’t sure which filter does what, we’re here to help you out.

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The Daily Discipline of Ansel Adams

Advancing Your Photography, the popular YouTube Channel that educates photographers, has recently published a very insightful video on master photographer Ansel Adams and his work of Yosemite and Carmel. The video offers a rare glimpse into Adams’ process and follows his son, Michael, as he talks about Ansel’s book, The Range of Light. Topics covered in the video include how Adams chose his work, his daily schedule and discipline, his education, and Michael’s advice for improving your own photography. Check it out.  Continue reading…

10 Inspiring Landscape Photographers With Incredible Photos

All images used with the permission of the photographers in our interviews.

Landscape photography is pretty tough to get right–but some Landscape Photographers tend to stand out more amongst the rest. In our almost eight years of doing this site, we’ve come across the work of many incredible Landscape Photographers.

The artists after the jump will inspire you to no end.

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Five Wide Angle Lenses Under $500 for Landscape Photographers

Lots of landscape photographers love shooting wide–but they also don’t like to pack too heavy. With the maturation of mirrorless cameras have also come the further development of great lenses from those companies. At the same time though, no photographer wants to spend way too much money. In all honesty, most modern optics are so good that you don’t really need to.

We’ve gone through our Reviews Index to find a few wide angle gems for the landscape photographers out there while keeping the budget to under $500.

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Photographers Who Capture Incredible Moments: Be Featured Here

Hey folks,

This month has been all about featuring photographers who create moments and scenes that help them express themselves in a creative way. Next month though is all about featuring photographers who capture moments. Obviously, because this is the majority of photographers out there, we’re looking to feature the best of the best on the site.

Head on past the jump for a deeper explanation and how to apply.

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10 Affordable Lenses for Landscape Photographers

Chris Gampat the Phoblographer Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 first impressions photos (10 of 19)

When it comes to landscape photography, it’s a known fact that you don’t need the most expensive lenses out there. Instead, much of it is about your focusing methods. Still, photographers want some sort of decent image quality and sharpness to the lenses. Luckily, you can get all of that without breaking the bank.

We’ve gone through our database of lens reviews, and rounded up a number of great lenses from amost every manufacturer that are affordable or great prices for what the lenses are.

Looking for a high quality but cheap costing lens for your next landscape photo series? Then hit the jump!

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