6 Photographers Killing It with the Fujifilm XT3 Right Now

You’ll love what these photographers are producing with the Fujifilm XT3.

The Fujifilm XT3 is a popular camera in the photographic industry. Its analog inspired build gives the modern-day photographer a feel of a bygone era. The X-Trans CMOS sensor continues the X-Series tradition of producing detailed, sharp images. But for its features to be best utilized, it needs to be in the right hands. Thankfully, some terrific photographers use the XT3, and in this piece, we’re going to show you six of our favorites.

1. @markoprezelj

Marko Prezelj loves getting lost in nature and has been mountaineering since 1982! He shares his vibrant images with his 10.4k followers, inspiring them with his globetrotting lifestyle. He clearly knows his way around the XT3, as he uses it to create a fantastic portfolio!

2. @this_is_novi

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For a CMOS APS-C sensor, the Fujifilm XT3 performs wonders in low light environments. Novi has managed to get the most out to produce their neon light, night time photographs. Novi provides us with a cinematic, street photography vibe, which certainly gets the endorphins flowing.

3. @am.basteir

Working out of Erzgebirge, Germany, Nils Leonhardt has a taste for tranquil scenes. His portfolio is an example of landscape meets minimalism, offering us peace and visual satisfaction as we scroll through his feed. The depth of his work alignes with the strong connection he has with the practice of photography. In his own words, “life is a collection of moments. And a photographer is the agent who has the power to capture these situations.”

4. @wcnxx

Hailing from beautiful Thailand, this photographer is living the dream. Moving around the world, creating photographs of people and places – to a high standard too! He built his feed through snaps he shot with a Galaxy Note 10+. But in his more recent work, he has been showing what he can do with the Fujifilm XT3. Great stuff!

5. @arlindocamachophoto

Arlindo Camacho is a traveler and visual storyteller. Currently based in India, he has been able to work through the chaos and built a portfolio that portrays the country in its most picturesque form. As well as being a travel photographer, Arlindo is also an excellent portrait photographer. After scrolling his feed, be sure to check out his website, where you can fully appreciate the depth of his creativity.

6. @photosbysharene

Sharene Hanlon is a relatively unknown photographer, which is a real shame because her work is breathtaking. Her landscape photography leaves us drooling at the mouth and gasping for more! While it’s clear she’s still finding her photographic voice, if she keeps at it, she has a bright future ahead of her!

Show us Your Fujifilm XT3 Photos

Many photographers across the globe use the Fujifilm XT3. We’re certainly not ignorant of the fact that there are more than six photographers doing wonders with this camera. That’s why we want to see more of you! If you use the XT3 or know someone who does, link us up with their work in the comments below. We can’t wait to see them!