How to Get Film-like Warm Skin Tones With Daylight White Balance

One of the reasons I use specific white balances like Daylight when shooting photos is because it tends to take the guesswork out of editing and colors. Daylight white balance is balanced to be fairly warm and to counteract the already very cool light that daylight is. Though many times there are situations where you’d rather have warm skin tones in the scene. For the most part, what people tend to do is just work with the white balance to make the skin warmer but then in the process just make the whole scene warmer.

This happens a whole lot when working during the blue hour, in overcast weather etc.

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These Camera Dial Cufflinks are For the Amateur Fashionista

Camera Dial cufflinks

B&H Photo recently shared these camera dial cufflinks that they’re now selling for $23.99. The cool accessories are made by Cuffs NY, and they’re almost too cool. Their description is short and they’re touted to be:

“…an elegant way to rock your passion while sporting formal wear. Cufflinks are equally-suited to be a conversation-starter and unique style detail; both posts and studs have a black finish.”

What B&H Photo doesn’t talk about though is the loads and loads of street cred that you’re going to get with all your photog friends who will all want a pair so badly that you’re going to be sourced as the sole person who started the trend. Eventually, you will gain fame and glory as the street photographer who always rocked these camera dial cufflinks and who purposely wore them in an attempt to get folks to start a conversation with you. But then acting too cool for everyone else who clearly isn’t on your level of cool–then basking in the fact that so many people want to talk to you about your camera dial cufflinks but that you’ve made yourself untouchable.

After time passes and everyone Instagrams and Tumbles photos of your bling bling, they’ll become too cool–so cool that they’re not cool anymore and the realization will lead to sadness, self-loathing and being forever alone.

Wield the power of these cufflinks with caution, you hipster.

Via B&H Photo’s Tumblr

PS: LOL if you took this title and post too seriously.