Capture One Latitude Style Packs Are Designed to Give Inspiration

Capture One Latitude style packs are some of the latest additions to the tools photographers can utilize

One of the coolest things about Capture One is that they frequently offer up their own styles packs, and the new Capture One Latitude style packs are the latest option. Styles, which work almost like presets in Lightroom, utilize the arguably superior RAW processing algorithms that Capture One is capable of delivering. The two newest packs are the Sunbound and Deep Forest packs.

According to Capture One’s press release:

Latitude | Deep Forest consists of cold color nuances, pulled from some of the most spectacular ancient forests on Earth, to provide depth and mystery to each image. Latitude | Sunbound consists of warm color nuances, inspired from the globe’s most sun-drenched, rugged terrains, to provide warmth and adventure to each image. Each new pack includes eight individual styles in three variations (original, bright, dark) – 24 Styles in total which enable users to more easily edit images and provide a boost of inspiration for their creative process.

Here are some test sample images:

Capture One Latitude/Sunbound

Capture One Latitude/Deep Forest

We totally see how they could work very well together and, at least in my mind, a sample pack from both style sets would make more sense for the photographer who tends to do both warm and cool looks. Warmer looks obviously can make skin tones look better while cooler looks are more moody and ethereal.

The Capture One Latitude packs are going to cost $39 each, but for a limited time (before July 27th) you can score both for $59. Pricey? With all due respect for the time and effort put into the creation of the styles, I’d say so. But if you use Capture One a lot for shooting weddings, fashion portraiture, etc., and presets are your bread and butter, then it’s well worth the investment for your business (with the emphasis on your business and making this economically gainful).

Chris Gampat

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