Gear Review: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

X-Rite’s ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is a reliable and valuable tool for photographers working with accurate color workflows.

Most modern digital cameras do an excellent job of reproducing the colors of the real world. However, there is arguably still some room for improvement. Most modern sensors only record red, green, and blue, and must interpolate the rest of the colors. Certain workflows, such as those implemented when photographing products or fashion for high-end commercial clients, demand accurate and consistent colors. This is where the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 comes in. The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 works with their ColorChecker Camera Calibration software. They claim it to be a reliable tool to help photographers create accurate reference images under any lighting condition. But here’s the big question: do you really need it?

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X-Rite’s New ColorChecker Photo Passport 2 Hits The Market

X-Rite ColorChecker PhotoPassport 2

Getting things right in camera is the way to do things, and the new X-Rite ColorChecker Photo Passport 2 will help you do just that.

At the Phoblographer we are huge proponents of getting things right in camera instead of having to fix things in post. Getting your image right in camera will help save you a ton of time when it comes to processing your images. Today X-Rite have announced two new products that will help photographers ensure that they can get the perfect white balance and colors both in camera, and in post with their new ColorChecker Photo Passport 2 and their new Camera Calibration Software 2.0 for ICC Profiles. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Use this Hack To Trick Lightroom Into Letting You Use The New Fujifilm Eterna Film Simulation

If you shoot Fuji and want to try out the new Eterna Film Simulation, try this!

We still don’t know if Fujifilm will bring the Eterna Film Simulation to the other X-Trans III based cameras. There has been some hinting that the X-T2 at the very least may get it, but for now, there is no official confirmation that any other cameras will be getting it. So if you want to give Fujifilm’s Cinema Film Simulation a try you will either need to go out and buy an X-H1, or you can give this hack a try.

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Useful Photography Tip #136: How to Make Your RAW Photos Look Like the JPEGs

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.02.41 PM

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You know that you’ve all had this problem–you shoot in RAW, but the image looks nowhere as good as the JPEG preview on the back of your camera’s LCD screen. So you go through the basic adjustments panel in Adobe Lightroom and with lots of disappointment, realize that you can’t make the image look like the JPEG.

We’re not going to tell you to shoot in JPEG (though there is no real problem with that) so what you should do is scroll down the the Camera Calibration section of Adobe Lightroom’s Develop panel and click on Profile. When you do this, you’ll get the camera profiles and even some of your own if you’ve bought them.

Own a Fujifilm camera? Velvia and Astia are finally yours…digitally that is!

But that’s not the end. You need to go in and sharpen the image, maybe kill some image noise, add a bit more contrast, boost the clarity and maybe mess with the exposure a bit. Then you’ve got an image that’s ready to go.

Go give it a shot.